Greenhouse Farming Information Guide For Beginners

Greenhouse Farming Information:

Greenhouse Farming Information - Temperature controlled
Greenhouse Farming Information – Temperature controlled

Greenhouse Farming Information- Introduction: What is Greenhouse? A greenhouse is a framed or inflated structure covered with a transparent or translucent material in which fruit or vegetable or flower crops can be grown under the controlled climatic conditions of at least a partially controlled environment. The greenhouse is an area in which it permits a person to work and carry out regular cultural operations.

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Greenhouse Farming Information – Advantages:- Greenhouse farming is picking very rapidly due to its advantages. The following are some of the Greenhouse benefits.

  • Crop cultivation can be carried out under a controlled environment.
  • Greenhouse provides an excellent opportunity to grow high-quality crops for export markets.
  • Greenhouse environment is suitable for cultivating crops year-round to meet the market demands
  • Greenhouse provides the best opportunity within the limited land resources
  • Greenhouse provides successful nurseries from by vegetative or seeds propagation
  • In Greenhouse farming, high yielding is possible with a low area of cultivation
  • Farming in Greenhouse can provide local employment for educated youth.
  • The greenhouse also provides an opportunity to learn about high yielding cultivation
  • The greenhouse is the best place for the evolution of new varieties and the production of seeds

Greenhouse Farming Information -Types of Greenhouses:- Greenhouse type is categorized based on covering material, environmental control, shape and structure, and cost.

Let us get into details of Greenhouse types.

Greenhouse types based on covering material: The following are the types of Greenhouse based on covering material.

  • Polyhouse
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic house
  • Glasshouse¬†
Greenhouse -Naturally ventilated
Greenhouse -Naturally ventilated

Greenhouse types based on cost: The following are the Greenhouse types based on the cost.

  • Low cost: Up to Rs. 500/sq.meter
  • Medium cost: From Rs. 500 to 1000 /sq.meter
  • High cost: Above Rs. 1000/sq.meter.

Greenhouse types based on shape & structure: The following are the Greenhouse types based on the shape and structure.

  • Gable
  • Gothic arch
  • Lean-to
  • Even span
  • Single-span
  • Quonset
  • Double-span (or) multi-span.

Greenhouse types based on environmental control: The following are the Greenhouse types based on environmental control.

  • Naturally ventilated greenhouses
  • Evaporatively cooled greenhouses
  • High-tech greenhouses.

Greenhouse Farming Information – Site Selection:- Selecting a perfect site is the most important part of Greenhouse farming:

  • The Greenhouse should be well connected with roads and local markets.
  • The greenhouse should not be built in waterlogged areas
  • Avoid the areas where heavy winds are possible to prevent or minimize the wind damage
  • Make sure the site is well-drained in case of heavy rains or floods.
  • Avoid constructing a Greenhouse near industry to prevent possible pollution effects on Greenhouse crops.
  • Make sure to have sufficient room for future site expansion
  • As labour is an integral part of the greenhouse, make sure to have availability of labour.
  • The site should have communication facilities like telephone, fax, and internet.

Greenhouse Farming Information – Orientation of Greenhouse:- The following is the preferred orientation of the Greenhouse.

  • In the naturally ventilated greenhouse, the ventilators should open on the leeward side
  • In a free-standing greenhouse, it should have its long axis perpendicular to the wind direction
  • In a multi-plan greenhouse, the gutter should be oriented north-south direction
  • In the free-standing greenhouse, more sunlight is available in winter in an east-west direction

Greenhouse Farming Information – Environmental Control:- The following are the means of controlling the environment in the Greenhouse.

  • Sprinkling water on the cover
  • Natural ventilation can be provided by using ventilation nets & ridge openings
  • Mechanical ventilation can be provided by exhaust fans and mixing fans
  • Air conditioners can be used in hi-tech Greenhouse for very high-value crops
  • For Shade control, shade nets or thermal screens can be used
  • Overhead misting or fogging system can be used
  • In dry climates, fan-pad cooling can be used.

Greenhouse Farming Information – Maintenance:- Maintenance in Greenhouse farming is very important and a little expensive too.

  • Because of the dust, biofilm reduces the transmittance of covers. Hence the covers should be washed periodically
  • The PE covers lose their transmissivity within five years period so they need to be replaced
  • The greenhouse should be fumigated & the soil should be solarized by mulching every year
  • In a Greenhouse, fertigation should be used for fertilizer application and irrigation
  • UV stabilized insect nets over all vents and openings, Insect traps /biological control is mandatory
  • The drip irrigation system should be flushed & cleaned periodically
  • Providing an insect-proof net to facilitate ventilation by keeping the inside greenhouse door open is essential.

Difference between Greenhouse and Polyhouse:- Greenhouse is a broad term and Polyhouse is one type of greenhouse made out of polyethylene, it can also be with a wood called Lath house & with glass it is called Greenhouse.

Greenhouse Farming Information – Subsidy:- Most of the state governments encouraging greenhouse cultivation by providing subsidies. For subsidy information on the greenhouse, contact the local horticulture department.

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