How to Start Poultry Farming in Manipur: Business Plan, Set-up Cost, Profit, and Requirements

Poultry farming in Manipur can be successful if you have the right business plan and set-up cost. Profit from poultry farming can vary depending on how much you invest in chickens, feed, and other expenses associated with the venture. It is one of the most profitable agricultural sectors in Manipur. Poultry farming is a popular agricultural activity in Manipur. The state has ample land and water resources, making poultry farming an ideal choice for farmers.

How to Start Poultry Farming in Manipur

How to Start Poultry Farming in Manipur

What is Poultry Farming?

Poultry farming produces chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, or other poultry by raising domesticated birds for their meat or eggs. Chickens are the most common type produced in poultry farming, but other bird species can also be raised. In the state, poultry farming has a substantial potential to contribute to household income and the state’s overall economic development.

In Manipur, poultry farming is a viable business with good potential. Poultry farming can provide a good return on investment (ROI) and is one of the state’s most profitable small-scale agriculture businesses. Poultry products are low in fat and contain a high level of protein. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Profit from poultry farming in Manipur can be quite profitable, provided you take the necessary steps and follow a well-planned business plan.

Poultry Breeds Available in Manipur

The indigenous chicken population is the most important breed, locally known as Kaunayen/ Kwakman/Koman, found in Imphal valley in Manipur. There are several poultry breeds available in Manipur. The best options for starting a poultry farm in Manipur are the Indian Red junglefowl, the Indian Runner duck, and the White Leghorn Chicken. These three breeds will likely give you good results if you have enough land and space to keep them.

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Baby Chickens

Small Scale Poultry Farming in Manipur

Poultry farming is a booming industry in Manipur. Small-scale poultry farming can be very profitable, provided you have the right set-up and business plan. Before getting started, you must research the market conditions and find out what types of birds are popular in Manipur. It would help to familiarize yourself with the local climate and soil conditions. Then, develop a business plan and assemble a cost estimate for your farm. Finally, estimate your profit potential and decide whether small-scale poultry farming suits you.

Requirements for Starting Poultry Farming in Manipur

  • Some requirements to start poultry farming include owning a piece of land with an appropriate drainage system, having a good water source nearby, and having enough bird space.
  • Additionally, there are some set-up costs that one will need to budget for, such as purchasing brooding boxes, feeding and watering systems, fencing materials, and aviary equipment. Once these items have been acquired, one can create a business plan based on their specific goals and needs.
  • The cost of starting poultry farming in Manipur varies depending on the type of bird kept as well as the size of the farm. Overall, it is estimated that starting poultry farming in Manipur can be profitable if done correctly.
  • The area should be big enough to accommodate the birds. A minimum of 2 hectares is necessary for every 1000 birds.
  • The land should be well-drained and have good fertility levels. Soil type, pH level, and drainage are important factors when selecting land for poultry farming in Manipur.
  • Fertilizers and pesticides must also be available at the farm site to help keep pests under control and provide nutrients to the chickens.

Good Husbandry Practices for Manipur Poultry Farmers

1) Farm size – A small-scale farm can start with a few hens and grow over time, while a large-scale farm may require more initial investment, including land, equipment, and initial capital. The farm size should be large enough to accommodate the desired birds.

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Poultry Farm Egg Management

2) Selection of birds – Before starting chicken farming, it is important to research which bird breeds are best suited for your region/climate. Poultry farmers in Manipur typically raise broilers, layers, and turkeys. Depending on their market demand, farmers may want to raise different types of birds.

3) Shelter – Your birds will need shelter from the weather during the winter months. Purchase portable chicken coops, build pens from wood or plastic, or use an existing barn or open space near your home.

4) Equipment – Purchase various equipment for raising chickens, such as feeders, waterers, coops, cages, and more. Remember to factor in maintenance costs when purchasing equipment.

5) Supplies – You will need cleaning supplies, tools for bird care, seed food and water tanks, and more. Be sure to research what supplies you’ll need before starting your poultry farm, so you don’t spend extra money later on unnecessary items.

6) Capital investment required – The initial capital investment required for poultry farming in Manipur is typically low, but there is a need for fencing and other equipment necessary for keeping the birds safe.

Tips on Raising Poultry in Manipur

  • Raising poultry in Manipur is a great way to provide fresh and healthy meat to your family. Determine if raising poultry is right for you. Poultry requires attention and care, so it’s not for everyone. Before starting any poultry farm, make sure you have the proper equipment and supplies available.
  • A business plan can help determine your poultry farm’s initial set-up cost and profit potential. Additionally, it can help you identify any requirements (such as land) that you will need before starting the farm.
  • Calculate the set-up cost of your poultry farm, including items such as feed, pens, cages, and other necessary equipment. If needed, factor in the cost of initial labor (if needed), and subtract this figure from your total budget to get your estimated cost of ownership for your farm.
  • Determine your profit potential before starting your farm. This will help you estimate how much money you will make each year from operations on your poultry farm. Remember to factor in expenses such as feed, utilities, labor, and marketing materials into this calculation.

Steps to Create a Poultry Farm Business plan in Manipur

1. Before starting a poultry business in Manipur, it is important to understand the market and its potential. The demand for poultry products in Manipur is high, so there is potential for success. However, it is important to research the competition and ensure your product has unique selling points.

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Poultry Farm Planning and Management

2. It is important to get financial assistance from a reliable source. Financing options include loans from banks and other financial institutions and venture capital or angel investment. It is also possible to receive government grants or subsidies.

3. It would help if you determined set-up costs such as land, buildings, equipment, and livestock (chickens, ducks, etc.). These costs can change depending on the size of your farm and the type of poultry you plan to raise.

4. A good business plan will outline your company’s goals and strategies. It should also include detailed information about your company’s history, products/services offered, marketing plan, and financial projections.

5. Conduct market research to identify the areas that are potential markets for poultry products in Manipur.

6. Identify and analyze the economic factors that will influence the demand for poultry products in different areas of Manipur.

7. Prepare a business plan based on your findings from the market research and the economic factors identified.

8. Identify and acquire land and build structures necessary for poultry farming, such as pens, chicken houses, feed mills, etc.

9. Develop marketing strategies to promote your poultry products in desired areas of Manipur.

10.  Hire and train the necessary personnel to operate your poultry farm business effectively.

11.  Evaluate the overall performance of your poultry farm business and make necessary changes/adjustments if required to achieve desired goals/results.

Is Poultry Farming Profitable in Manipur?

Poultry farming is a profitable business in Manipur. The state has a large population of poultry keepers and high demand for poultry products. The weather in Manipur is good for raising chickens. Chicken farming is a low-maintenance business and requires little capital investment.

Key Rules for Start Poultry Farming in Manipur

1. Get a business plan first – A business plan is essential to start poultry farming in Manipur. Start by creating a written proposal explaining your planned operations and how you will profit. You must also include information on your financing options and estimated set-up costs.

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Poultry Birds

2. Calculate your start-up costs – You’ll likely need money to purchase feed, equipment, and other necessary supplies to get started. Plan and estimate your total costs before starting anything else.

3. Ensure you have the right permits – Before starting any poultry farm activity in Manipur, ensure you have all the necessary permits from the relevant authorities. You will also need proof of ownership of the land where your farm will be located.

4. Suitable land – You must also build a bird shelter and feed and water stations. You’ll also need to buy cages, eggs for your birds, and other necessary equipment. Chickens need both food and water, so proper feeding procedures are essential. Poultry farms require fertile land with adequate sunlight and freshwater supplies.

5. Access good resources – The first step is acquiring the necessary information and resources to start poultry farming. This includes learning about avian influenza, how to combat it, and understanding regulations related to poultry farming.

6. Plan your production carefully – Poultry farming requires meticulous planning and execution. Ensure you have all the equipment and supplies before raising chickens or ducks; otherwise, you may spend money unnecessarily. You will need to consult with local agricultural experts to find out what type of poultry best suits the climate in Manipur. Land must be allocated, and a suitable enclosure must be built for your birds. Proper feed and water supplies must be available to the birds to thrive in Manipur’s hot weather.

7. Market your products – Poultry farming is an important industry in Manipur, and there is a growing demand for local products among consumers and businesses alike. You’ll need to market your products effectively to succeed in this sector.

Cost of Starting a Poultry Farm Business in Manipur

The set-up cost for a poultry farm varies depending on the location chosen and the type of equipment needed. It is important to do research before making any purchases. The set-up cost for a poultry farm in Manipur will likely be around Rs. 25,000-30,000. This cost includes things like buying birds, feeding, and fencing materials. You must also factor in labor and other operational costs, such as electricity bills.

Profit from Poultry Farm Business in Manipur

Profit is key when starting any business. Keep track of monthly expenses and subtract that from monthly sales totals to determine your net profit. Consider future expenses such as feed, water, and veterinary care. The initial profit on a poultry farm in Manipur will likely be around Rs. 5,500-7,500 per hectare per year. This profit can grow if you properly care for your birds and manage your business well.

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Large-Scale Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming Challenges in Manipur

One of the most important challenges is obtaining enough feed for their chickens. Another challenge is maintaining high fertility levels in their chicken farms to ensure that they produce plenty of eggs and meat. Some requirements must be met before starting a poultry farm in Manipur, such as having access to reliable electricity and irrigation facilities. Overall, poultry farming is a viable option for farmers in Manipur willing to face the challenges involved.

Poultry Farming Loans and Subsidies in Manipur

  • To start poultry farming in Manipur, you must obtain a business permit from the state government. The permit requires information about your business plans and financial status. Also, provide proof of insurance for loss of property or life during poultry farming operations. The state government charges a nominal fee for this permit.
  • You must obtain all requisite permits from the government authorities, including an agricultural land registration certificate (ALRC). It is also important to comply with all health and safety requirements laid down by the government.
  • The National Mission on Poultry Development (NMPD) provides loans and other grants to help small-scale producers in poultry farming. The NMPD provides loans at interest rates of 3 percent to 6 percent, depending on the applicant’s creditworthiness. The program also offers technical assistance, crop insurance, and marketing support.
  • The state government of Manipur also has a variety of subsidies available for chicken farmers. The state government provides interest-free loans up to Rs. 5 lakhs for start-up costs such as farm equipment and inputs while providing a 30 percent subsidy on chick feed costs.

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Chicken Breeding Process


In Manipur, poultry farming is a very viable business option. The state has various climates perfect for raising poultry, and enough fertile land supports many birds. Poultry farming is a relatively new business in Manipur but growing rapidly. There is a great demand for eggs and meat in the local market, and the low input costs make poultry farming an ideal business proposition.


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