Lentil Cultivation Income, Profit, Cost, Project Report

Introduction: Hello farming friends, today we are here with a good information of Lentil cultivation income, yield, profit, and project report. Lentil (Lens culinaris) is also called as Masur and Malka belongs to the family lenguminaseae. Lentil contains high amounts of proteins and used in preparation of curries throughout the India. West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh are the major lentil growing states in India. Lentil is also used as cattle feed. In world scenario India stands in first in terms of area and second in terms of production of lentil.

A guide to Lentil cultivation income, project report, yield, profits

Lentil Farming Income, Cost, Profit.
Lentil Farming Income, Cost, Profit.

It requires around 12-15 kilograms of seeds to cultivate in one acre. Approximately farmer can get a yield of 6- 8 quintals from one acre of Lentil field. Average market price for Lentil is Rs.4,000-5,500 per quintal depending upon the quality of the produce.

Lentil hybridvarieties



Pant L 406

Pant L 309

IPL – 81

PL – 7

IPL – 406


WBL – 58

JL – 3

L – 4076

PL – 639

Pant L – 4

The cost of cultivation for 1-acre Lentil cultivation:

The cost of land/soil preparation

For lentil cultivation land need to be deep plowed followed by 2-3 harrowings. Plowing and harrowing was carried out with the help of tractor drawn implements. As a rent to these implements to carry out these operations it costs up to Rs.1700.

The cost of seed material

It requires an average seed rate of 12 – 15 kilo grams to cultivate lentil in one acre of land. Purchase quality seed materials from reliable resources. Cost of 1 kilo gram of good quality lentil seed is Rs.75. So, to purchase 15 kilo grams of seeds farmer need to spend around Rs. 1, 125.

The cost of sowing

Sowing of lentil seeds was carried out in rows which are 8 – 10 inches apart it costs around Rs. 600 to mark the rows and sowing can be done with the help of 2 labor in one acre land. Labor costs for sowing vary around Rs.400. (if we pay Rs.200 per head).

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The cost of fertilizers and manures

The application of farmyard manure during last plowing will increase the yield. In lentil cultivation application of 4 – 5 tonnes of farmyard manure per acre is recommended. To dump 4 – 5 tonnes of farmyard manure we need to incur Rs.1,500.  Along with farmyard manure farmer need to apply chemical fertilizers as per recommendations to increase the yield potential towards which farmer has to spend Rs.1,200.

The cost of weeding

Controlling the weeds is an important operation in lentil to reduce the yield losses. Lentil need around 1- 2 manual weedings. Cost of manual weeding will be Rs.1600 as each weeding requires 4 human labors for 2 weeding we need 8 human labor. Spraying of herbicides need Rs.700 in which Rs.500 is incurred to purchase chemicals like nitrofane ,pendimithalin etc. and remaining Rs.200 is paid as labor charge to spray chemicals.

The cost of plant protection measures

The Pod borer, rust and blight are the some of the major pest and diseases of lentil. To control all these pest and diseases farmer has to taken up preventive measures in all possible ways. To carry out all these preventive measures it requires around Rs. 1900. In Rs. 1,900 farmer require Rs. 1,300 to procure chemicals and remaining Rs. 600 was paid as wage for the labor for spraying.

The cost of miscellaneous activities

The irrigation cost, electricity charges, interest over capital and rent of land etc. were grouped under miscellaneous activities. Miscellaneous activities need Rs.1,860 on an averagely.

The cost of harvesting

The one acre Lentil field can be harvested after 110 days with the help of 2 human labor. We need to pay Rs. 200 for each labor. Hence, harvesting operation need around Rs. 400.

The cost of drying and threshing

Harvested produce was allowed to dry and threshed by beating up with sticks with the help of human labor. Threshing requires around 2 human labor which costs up to Rs.400. After threshing, cleaning and winnowing need another 3 human labor it requires additional money of Rs. 600.

The yield of Lentils per acre

Farmer will get around 6 to 8 quintals of yield from one acre lentil field. There might be little differences in yields depending upon various factors like variety used, pest and diseases incidence etc.

The cost of transportation:

The produce needs to be marketed at nearby market. Produce should be brought up to the market with the help of truck or tractor. So, farmer has to bare additional Rs. 400 as transportation charges.

The total cost of 1-acre  Lentil farming

The cost of land preparation  –  Rs.  1,700

The cost of seed material  –  Rs. 1, 125

The cost of sowing  –   Rs.  600 + 400

The fertilizer cost  –  Rs. 1500 + 1200

The cost of weeding  –  Rs.  1600 + 700

The cost of Plant protection  –  Rs. 1300 + 600

The cost of miscellaneous activities –  Rs. 1,860

The cost of harvesting  –  Rs. 400

The cost of drying and threshing  –  Rs. 400 + 600

The cost of transportation  –  Rs. 400

The cost of 1 acre Lentil farming  – Rs.  14, 385

Extra 10% of total cost – Rs.1438.5

The total cost of 1 acre Lentil farming – Rs.15, 823.5

The total cost incurred in 1-acre Lentil cultivation

On an average total cost of cultivation involved in one acre Lentil cultivation is Rs.15, 824. Cost involved in cultivation of Lentil may vary from above mentioned cost depending upon various factors like pest and disease incidence and weed incidence etc.

The total income from 1-acre Lentil cultivation

The market price for Lentil dated on 10-10-2019 is Rs.5, 280 per quintal at Balarampur market center in West Bengal. So, for selling 7 quintals of Lentil farmer will get a gross amount of Rs.36, 960.

The net profit from 1-acre Lentil farming:

The net income involved in 1 acre Lentil cultivation is:

Rs.36, 960– Rs.15, 824 = Rs.21, 136

By cultivating lentil in one acre of land farmer will get average net returns of Rs.21, 136.


The demand for lentil is growing day by day and cultivation of lentil in one acre will provide average net returns of Rs.21, 136. We can get higher yields with improved verities and hybrids.

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