Lily Flower Farming Info In Greenhouse

Lily Flower Farming in Greenhouse:-

Lily Flower Farming in Greenhouse
Lily Flower Farming in Greenhouse

As greenhouse farming is picking up in India, let us put the facts about lily flower farming in greenhouse.

Lily Flower Farming in Greenhouse:- In lily flower farming, especially asiatic and oriental types are most famous and fascinating.

Varieties in Lily Flower Farming:- In asiatic types,Gran Paradiso,Connecticut King, Elite, Prato,Pollyanna, and Solemio are most promising where as in oriental types Star Gazer, Marco Polo and Casablanca are highly promising varieties. Easter lily and Osant (white) is also grown under poly-houses.

Spider Lily Flowers
Spider Lily Flowers

Forcing in Lily Farming:- For forcing, night temperature of 15°C and day time temperature below 21°C is recommended for lily flower cultivation in greenhouse.Usually lily bulbs require cold treatment of 2°C to 40°C for one and half month period in case of Asiatic hybrids.For Oriental ones, the bulbs require 2°C to 40°C for 2 months period.In greenhouse, it is possible to use “frozen-in” bulbs which are kept at 10°C after pre-cooling treatment for off-season flowering.

Planting in Lily Flower Farming:- The planting density depends on the variety of lilies,bulb size and time of the year.In north India, the best time for planting lilies is from September mid to December mid. The lily planting density may be between 25 to 60 bulbs/ square meter area.

Light requirement in Lily Flower Farming:- As lighting is important in lily flower culture, depends on the season lighting intensity should be adjusted in greenhouse. In summer season, high light intensity reduces the stem length. In this case shade nets are preferred to reduce temperature and for covering the crop. In winter season as low light intensity leads to flower abortion, sufficient lighting should be provided in greenhouse.

In greenhouse farming of lilies, plants require use of controlled released fertilizers or liquid feeding. In greenhouse cultivation, nylon mesh is recommended for lily flower farming.

Lily Flower
Lily Flower

Harvesting and yield In Lily Flower Farming:- Oriental lily flowers will be ready for harvesting in 14 to 16 weeks after planting where as asiatic hybrids will be ready in 8 to 10 weeks after planting. but `frozen –in’ (Eskimo) will come to harvesting in less time. The blooms are cut when the lower most flower is not open and bud is fully coloured.Cut lily flowers could efficiently be started both  dry or wet at 10°C cold storage temperature up to 4 to 6 weeks provided they are pulsed with 0.2 mM STS + 10% sucrose for a day.

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