Low-cost Agriculture Business Ideas for Beginners

Low-cost agriculture business ideas: Agricultural business broadly covers the farming of several crops and livestock. It includes processes related to managing production and marketing of agricultural yield. What are we waiting for? Let us get into the details of low-cost agriculture business tips and ideas.

A guide to low-cost agriculture/farming business ideas

Agricultural business deals with the agricultural sector and also with the portion of the industrial sector, which is the major source of farm inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, machines, processing, and post-harvest technologies. It suggests the government and private sectors for the development of sub-sectors. And it contributes a good part of the national economy.

Profitable agriculture business

In India, agriculture accounts for nearly about 18% of the industrial GDP (growth domestic product). India is the 2nd largest producer of agriculture business products. The country produces about 7.68 percent of total global agricultural output.

The technologies of farming have seen a sea change in the last few years. It has opened up a lot of many allied businesses such as agriculture equipment, fertilizer distribution, etc.

Low-Cost agriculture business ideas

Urban agriculture or crop cultivation

Urban Agriculture (UA) is the growing, and distribution of food through plant cultivation. This agriculture contributes to food security and food safety in two ways;

It increases the amount of food obtainable to people living in cities and secondly, it allows fresh vegetables and fruits and meat products to be made obtainable to urban consumers. Urban and peri-urban agriculture are normally seen as sustainable agriculture.

Fish farming

Fish farming is a form of aquaculture in which fish are raised as food. And it is the fastest-growing area of animal food production. Today, about half the fish consumed globally are raised in artificial environments. Commonly farmed fish species include salmon, tuna, cod, trout, and halibut.

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Low Cost Fish Farming.
Low Cost Fish Farming.
Herbs, flowers framing, and gardening

Using the right equipment in the home garage or by building a greenhouse, you can start both herbs and plants to resell to larger outlets and the consumer as well. Herbs plants such as basil, parsley, and mint can make for great agriculture products. Then you can grow it at home or farm and sell it.

Low-cost Herbal Farming.
Low-cost Herbal Farming.
Livestock feed production

A lot of people are going into livestock farming such as fish farming, pig farming, poultry farming and a whole lot of others. As a smart investor, you can start producing feed for people to feed their livestock animals. However, you should ensure that you carry out a lot of research and come up with a product that is rich in nutrients and would promote quick growth and good health of the animals. The production procedure is not so difficult.

Vegetable farming

Vegetable farming is the growing of vegetable crops, primarily for use as human food. Vegetable farming operations range from small patches of crops, producing a few vegetables for family use or marketing, to the great, highly organized and mechanized farms common in the most technologically advanced countries.

Low-cost Vegetable Agriculture.
Low-cost Vegetable Agriculture.
Rabbit farming

Rabbit farming is also known as cuniculture. It is low costable farming and alternative breeding methods. Also, the interesting part is that they are a family-friendly animal. Raising rabbits as a pet or grow them for meat both can be very profitable. Though, people are raising them on a small farm as a profitable business. Rabbits are one among the protein-rich meats in the world, and to mention they are top-ranked for their high nutritional value. Therefore, in countries permitting the consumption of rabbit meat, there is an opportunity in the food sector. The major purpose of raising rabbits is for its meat and a few other products.

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Rabbit Farming.
Rabbit Farming.
Fruit farming

Fruit farming is the growing of several fruit crops. Starting a fruit farming business is growing day by day in the world as farmers and entrepreneurs have profited in this business venture. Fruit farming in agriculture is a branch of botany known as pomology which is the study of fruit cultivation; though the person that studies pomology is known as a pomologist.

Low-cost Apple Agriculture.
Low-cost Apple Agriculture.
Vertical farming

Vertical farming is one of the fast-growing innovative businesses in the agriculture business. It is a practice of growth of plants in a vertically ordered manner. This process of growing plants has the advantage of reducing the place required for farming. Any environment with proper lighting would be an ideal place to produce plants in this method. The fruit plants here are grown vertically by stacking each in rows and columns. The use of soil is highly reduced in this kind of modernized farming. For investing in this type of farming main importance should be given to natural and artificial lighting (LED). The investor attains profitable growth in this kind of farming due to less place consumption and higher production. 

Snail farming

Snail farming is a process of raising land snails specifically for human consumption. And it has a high rate of protein, iron, low fat and almost all the amino acids needed for the human body. Moreover, one must have specific knowledge of modern technology.

Sunflower farming

The land is the main requirement to start sunflower farming. Growing sunflower for oilseed wants the small investment. It is also called as Commercial Cash Crop.

Low-cost Sunflower Agriculture.
Low-cost Sunflower Agriculture.
Organic farming

The principle of organic farming is to develop enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment. Organic residues and nutrients formed on the farm are recycled back to the soil. Preventative insect and disease control are practiced, including crop rotation, improved genetics, and resistant varieties.

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Organic food not only stays beneficial to the buyers but to the farmers by reducing their cost of production. The use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers in eliminated in the case of organic farming. This mainly allows the farmer to spend lesser amounts on natural manures and fertilizers. The soil used for farming is generally restored or realtered for the next crop in the case of normal farming. This issue is handled wisely by organic farming business by not spoiling the soil with chemicals.

Field crop farming

Soybeans, cloves and other types of crops need a fair amount of field space to grow. However, if you have the land, you can harvest specific crops to sell to food producers. 

Poultry farming
Low Cost Poultry Farming.
Low Cost Poultry Farming.

Poultry farming business can give a great employment source for the job seeking people. Poultry farming is mainly defined as ‘raising different types of domestic birds commercially for meat, eggs and feather production’. Poultry farming has plenty of benefits. Then, many farmers prefer to invest in this business. People normally establish poultry farms to produce eggs, meat and generating high revenue from these products. Around, billions of chickens are raised throughout the world as an excellent source of food from their eggs and meat. Poultry farming business is a continuous source of income. Poultry farming on a small scale requires minimum space and they can be reared even in the backyards of homes. Poultry farming requires little water for both drinking and cleaning. One liter of water is sufficient for five birds for a day. It is considered to be the fastest-growing sector of the agriculture business.

Goat farming

Goat farming is useful and lucrative for various reasons. It is a source for meat and is quick proliferating and helps in making quick profits. They do require investment in the form of land or space. This is a profitable farming business one can start today.

Low Cost Goat Farming.
Low Cost Goat Farming.
Fish hatching business

Fish hatching business is a place where artificial breeding, hatching, and rearing of fish for commercial reasons takes place. Early stages of fish are cultivated and moved on to larger systems in the wake of increasing aquaculture systems.

Low-cost agriculture business ideas for profit

Starting any kind of business needs knowledge and experience in the related agriculture field. You need effective administration skills and management tactics to deliver at the right time and place in the right quantity and quality.

Setting your goals before you start your business is important at the beginning of your venture. Identifying target consumers, finding their needs, planning accordingly, organizing, implementing and being accountable for decisions is what makes one a better business person.

Farmers in India are never short on experimenting and also constant innovation. Adequate government support to startups in the farm sector, provision of water can enhance the agriculture business climate around agro-businesses. It is very important to keep in mind the uncertainty with weather patterns, fluctuating market prices, insurance schemes and terms of trade when planting a certain crop.

Agriculture business categories

Agriculture Business can be divided into three categories and they are as follows;

  • Productive Resources like feed, seed, fertilizer, equipment, energy, and machinery, etc.
  • Agricultural Commodities such as raw and processed commodities of food and fiber.
  • And facilitative services are credit, insurance, marketing, processing, transportation, and packing, etc.
Starting an agricultural business

Selecting the right agricultural business to venture into is not a simple task. You have to do immense research on the needs of every business and select the most favorable of all. Below are some guidelines for starting an agricultural business;

Write an agriculture business plan

If you want to start an agriculture business, you will need a business plan. In the writing of the business plan, you will consider markets, supply, and demand, as well as anything and pertains to your farm operations, management structure, financial analysis, products, and price points. You could cycle between this step and the previous one, designing and planning as they are interconnected. But an agriculture business plan is a significant enough part of starting a business to take up an entire step. It’s where you take your dreams and brainstorm and make them a reality.

Select specific agricultural field

There are so many agricultural fields one can major on; poultry, dairy farming, and horticulture, etc. The field you major on relies on different factors such as climatic conditions, size of land required cost of production or your financial strength. Find a field that will not strain you a lot and favored by the conditions of the target region.

Determine your needs and budget appropriately

After choosing the type of agriculture business you want to major on, try to do some searching on the needs of the field of agriculture. Make a budget to suit the implementation to the final stage of harvesting to avoid misappropriation of funds. You must consult farmers majoring in your field or experts to have the right approximates of the money you need.

Start small business
As stated earlier, people like to dream big. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is better to test the idea on a small scale before widening your scale. Your agriculture business needs to start small before it speeds up. If not, you could end up raking in expenses and losses. For instance, if you are starting an Agri tech company, you’re not going to start with multiple offices in different countries. If the agriculture business shows promise and it’s scalable to have branches abroad, you can then have multiple offices in different countries.
Look for the appropriate piece of land

This is the most difficult task. This is because land prices have appreciated. In some instances, you could not find the desired piece of land. However, you can lease some piece of land through an agent or rent a piece of land to use.

Get business licenses and permits

Your local and state law may vary when it comes to the requirements for establishing a small Agri farm business. But the basics are the same you will probably want to register your business name, purchase a business license, get an employer identification number, and carry product liability insurance.

Register your agriculture business

The last and important step is to register your new agriculture business and obtain the appropriate licenses and permits. This is to make sure that business is legally recognized and approved. You have to be keeping on renewing any renewable permits according to the Laws and Regulations of the State you live in.

That’s all folks about about low-cost agriculture business ideas and tips for beginners. You might be interested in Capsicum Seed Germination, Time, Period.



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