Polyhouse Training Institutes; Centers in India

Polyhouse Training Centers  in India


Agriculture and allied sectors contribute 24% of the total GDP and provide employment to around 67% Indian population. Indian farmers face several challenges such as small land holding, poor yields due to reliance on inefficient methods of farming, too much reliance on natural phenomena such as rainfall and lack of knowledge of modern methods of agriculture.

Polyhouse farming best alternative in agriculture gaining a foothold in rural India. Poly house dependency on rainfall and makes the optimum use of land and water resources. A normal agricultural farm of 500 square meters can earn you an annual income of Rs. 10,000 to 20,000, but a similar sized polyhouse can earn a profit of Rs. 45,000 to 50,000. Potentially, polyhouse farming will make farmer earn an income around the year growing multiple crops.

Polyhouse farming improves the standard of cultivation of crops that helps to produce maximum yield on specific days (e.g. roses on Valentine’s day) and also helps to grow exotic crops that can’t be normally grown in Indian conditions (e.g. colored capsicum, broccoli, mushrooms). Polyhouse can enable the cultivation of regular crops off-season, thus fetching the farmer a higher price (e.g. tomato, chili, capsicum, brinjal, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower).

Polyhouse farming is a metal structure covered by polythene. In Polyhouses, the parameters like moisture, soil nutrients, and temperature are controlled to ensure timely and abundant yields. The basic polyhouses are from 500 square meters to 10,000 square meters, which makes them suitable for farmers with small land holding. The polyhouse also differ in terms of cost. The Government of India gives 50% subsidy for low-cost polyhouses, 20% for medium cost polyhouses and 10% for high-cost polyhouses as an incentive. For the installation details regarding the Polyhouse is given by various agriculture universities, District Central Nurseries and also by private consultants. Many farmers from the states of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra are taking interest in polyhouse farming.

For Polyhouse farming you need to be expertise in three areas – construction of the structure, cultivation techniques, and marketing. Within cultivation, the pre-harvest techniques include irrigation, providing fertilizers, pesticides, and micro-nutrients, maintaining temperature, humidity, and sunlight in the polyhouse, cutting, pruning and cleaning practices and controlling pH and electrical conductivity of the soil. The post-harvest techniques include cutting, storage cooling chambers, and transport by cooling vans.

The government and other private polyhouse construction companies are offering practical training to the farmers for a month or two. However, this short training is not enough to understand the complex polyhouse farming techniques, particularly the pre-harvest techniques. While the farmers do the actual work, the consultant provides the schedule of tasks on an ongoing basis.

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Training Centers for Polyhouses in India:

A typical Polyhouse in India.
A typical Polyhouse in India (Photo courtesy by The Hindu).

Institute of Horticulture Technology:

Institute of Horticulture Technology located at Greater Noida NCR is the top horticultural training institute started in the year 2009 under the aegis of Akhil Bhartiya Grameen Vikas Sanstha with a mission to disseminate Hi-Tech Horticulture knowledge and skills to various stakeholders such as farmers, extension officials, entrepreneurs, women, and youth in rural as well as Urban-Peri Urban areas. Dr. K.L. Chadha, Padamshree awardee and a renowned horticulture scientist of national and international repute chairs the elite advisory committee of eminent horticulturists and experts that guides the institutes functioning. Institute of Horticulture Technology is one of the best national institutes that has been impanelled by the Government of India and recognized by some agricultural universities for capacity building and providing hands-on training in Hi-Tech Horticulture.

Institute of Horticulture and Technology is offering a 1-week course for Polyhouse Maintenance and Construction.


  • Institute of Horticulture Technology
  • D-1, Krishna Apra Building, 3rd Floor
  • Alpha Commercial Belt, Alpha-1,
  • Greater Noida – 201308
  • Delhi NCR region, India
  • Telephone: 011- 46604988
  • Phone: 8130997511
  • website: www.iht.edu.in
  • Email: enquiry@iht.edu.in

NIPHT-Horticulture Training Center:

HTC provides training on latest technologies implemented in protected cultivation of flowers and vegetable. Training of protected cultivation under Polyhouse and Shadenet house is imparted by following the principle of ‘Learning by Doing’ wherein trainees apply advanced techniques and handle latest machinery and equipment Wide exposer through field visit and excursion is provided to the trainees.

HTC offers Courses on Greenhouse Management, Polyhouse Management, Shade House Management, Plant Propagation, and Post Harvest Management.


  • N. 398-400, Next to CRPF Campus, Pune-Mumbai Highway,
  • Talegaon Dabhade, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune – 410 506. (M.S.) India
  • PHONE NUMBER: +91 9422030775, +91 9422052520

University of Agricultural Sciences-Farmers Training Institute (FTI):

The Farmers’ Training Institute (FTI) of the University of Agricultural Sciences, was established in the year 1967 in Bangalore (UAS (B)) with the main objective of providing training for farmers. The Institute offers both institutional and peripatetic training programmes.

FTI offers courses related to Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Sericulture, Watershed Management, etc. The subjects covered are Contract Farming, Organic Farming, Rain Water Harvesting, Agricultural Machineries, Integrated Farming System, Integrated Nutrient Management, Integrated Pest and Disease Management, Bio-fuels, Agri-entrepreneurship, Value addition, Fodder production, Water Management, Post Harvest Technology, etc.


  • University of Agricultural Sciences,
  • GKVK, Bangalore – 560 065.
  • Phone+91-80-2333 0153 / 2333 0984
  • Email: registrar@uasbangalore.edu.in

Thousand Petals Polyhouses :

Thousand Petals Polyhouses Pvt. Ltd envisions affordable, superior quality and environment-friendly polyhouses/Greenhouses to boost agricultural productivity.

Thousand Petals Polyhouses Pvt. Ltd provides training on their patented technology to farmers so that farmer is able to construct and maintain his own Polyhouse. They train the farmers about treating the bamboo for long-lasting results and how to make a Polyhouse in his own backyard using the innovative low-cost technology of Thousand Petals Polyhouses Pvt. Ltd.


Thousand Petals Polyhouses Pvt LTD

Unit 83/84,

Next to DMH,





Mobile: +919823120381,

For Training Queries: +919527522380.

Email: redke@thousandpetals.in.

All India Organic Farmer Society:

AIOFS is a Leading Organization in Organic Farming and Good Agriculture Practice Area. After the constitution of Organization (AIOFS) in 2007, AIOFS has trained more than 10,000 farmers. AIOFS is constituted under the Societies Act of 1860.

AIOFS educate the farmerson implementing INM/IPM techniques and the latest techniques of water and soil management. The idea behind was that at least we could manage the farmers to minimize the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

AIOFS provide Training and consultancy services for all type of Poly houses and Greenhouses projects.


All India Organic Farmers Society

Corporate Office:

SCO-170, 1st Floor, Red Square Market,

Hisar-125001, (Haryana) INDIA.

Registered Office:

6A, Namdev Complex, Sirsa Road,

Hisar-125001, (Haryana) INDIA,

+91 7015 337 066,

E-mail: vinoodbeniwal@gmail.com.

Shrushti Hitech & Agriculture Development

Shrushti Hitech And Agriculture Development are offering Training Programme for Green House Cultivation and Polyhouse Cultivation.

The aim of this project is to provide a device which would assist farmers in carrying out complex everyday tasks involved in Poly house Farming, assist them in monitoring, irrigating, fertilizing, planning and maintaining the crops, as well as providing assistance and backbone support in case of an emergency situation.


Vishwa Empire Office No .47,




Email-realagro1@gmail.com / shrushti.hitech@gmail.com,

Tele:09403967696, 09890769945.

Govind Greenhouse Pvt Ltd:

Govind Greenhouse Pvt Ltd is offering Horticulture Training Services to the clients based in different parts of the globe. Different types of training sessions are duly conducted by various states Government that assists us in providing training to government engineers and farmers. These training sessions help us in enhancing the competence level and talent of our client.

The duration of the training program is 1 day and the course fee is 2000.


Govind Greenhouse Pvt.ltd.

B. Gadekar(Owner),

Shubham Complex, Shop No. 20, Talegaon- Chakan Road Talegaon Station, Taluka Maval, Vatan Nagar, Pune – 410507, Maharashtra, India,

Tele: +91-8048763444.

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