Poultry Layer Training; Broiler Training in India

Poultry Layer Training, PoultryBroiler Training:

Today, we talk about poultry layer training and poultry broiler training/courses offering institutes in India.

Poultry layer training and broiler training in India has been designed to develop skilled poultry farm work. The training programs are designed to impart basic poultry farming techniques and poultry management skills to candidates.

This article gives you complete information about  Poultry Training. This training is related to the field of poultry farming and management.

Poultry farms are the best boon for the people involved in agriculture. A decent number of families of the farming community in India practice poultry farming as a secondary business (after agriculture). And there are a huge number of poultry farmers whose only work/source of revenue is poultry farming.

Once you get established in the fields and obtaining some exposure and expertise in poultry farming, you can set up your own poultry farms. Many entrepreneurs in the country have taken up these types of ventures and are successful too. So, you must be aware of poultry layer training and broiler training institutes in India. Now let us get into the details of Poultry Layer Training.

The main purpose of Poultry Training:

Poultry Training In India.
Poultry Training In India.

Poultry Training programs will educate you about raising chickens for their meat and eggs in order to manage a small-scale, commercial poultry enterprise that will be profitable. These training programs will offer a feasibility study and market survey to investigate opportunities in your district or country before you start a poultry enterprise and to prepare a business plan. You will be exposed to all aspects of poultry keeping on a commercial and semi-commercial scale. You will also have practical activities and discussions for knowledge development.

For the trainees who undergo the poultry training, they gain complete technical information related to both the layer and broiler bird commercial rearing.  The main prospects of this training are to demonstrate the different production systems and test their suitability.

Poultry Training programs will train you with the basic facts about keeping poultry for egg production and meat production. So you should get proper training on layers as well as broilers for profitable poultry farming in India.

You can gain knowledge of

  • Bird Housing
  • Raising different kinds of chickens.
  • Feed Management.
  • Health and Hygiene.
  • Helps in developing a successful business plan for commercial poultry farming.’
  • Marketing.

Eligibility for Poultry Training in India:

Training can be taken for men and women who may be already raising poultry or have shown interest in poultry production and need further knowledge in the area. You should maintain their interest throughout the course by mixing its content with demonstrations, illustrations and spiced with humor.

Backyard Freerange Chickens.
Backyard Freerange Chickens.

Institutes Offering Poultry Training in India:

Central Poultry Training Institute:

Central Poultry Training Institute is a high-level In-service Training Institute for Poultry was established in 1972 with the objective of imparting advanced and specialized training courses in different disciplines of Poultry Production, developing and standardization of poultry products, assess and monitor the quality of poultry and other livestock feeds, etc.

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Courses Offered: Central Poultry Training Institute offers both long-term and short-term training programs.

Long Term Courses: These are related to Poultry production and Poultry Feed/ Nutrition. And the course duration is 1 to 6 weeks.

Short Term Courses: These are related to Economics of Poultry Farming, Hatchery Management, Feed Management, and Automation in poultry. And the program duration is 1 week.


  • Hesaraghatta, Bangalore – 560088.
  • Karnataka, INDIA
  • Tel Office – (080) 28466226 / 28466236 / 28466240
  • Fax – (080) 28466444
  • E-mail: cpdoti@gmail.com
Suguna Institute of Poultry Management:

Suguna is a popular company in India, for broiler integration and it also offers contract farming by Implementing scientific knowledge and techniques to the farming community and trains the new entrepreneurs with the latest educational techniques in the most conducive environment through a well-structured curriculum. Suguna Institute of Poultry Management offers diploma courses in poultry production, poultry farming, Breeder management, Hatchery techniques, feed management/manufacturing, and disease control measures.

Poultry Training at Suguna Institute of Poultry Management:

Suguna Institute of Poultry Management offered both the Degree and Diploma courses in poultry. It offers a 3-year degree course for Poultry Farming.

It offers Diploma courses in Broiler Production Management, and Broiler Breeder Production and Management. The training duration of up to 1 year.


  • Suguna Institute of Poultry Management
  • Post Box No.44
  • 4/155A & 155B Chinnapappanoothu,
  • Vilamarathupatti P.O,
  • Udumalpet, Tirupur,
  • Tamil Nadu – 642 207- India.
Swayam (A Free Online Education): 

Swayam provides poultry training that is designed to acquaint with the status and perspective of the Indian Poultry Industry. This institute trains about all types of poultry practices in India. And also gives complete information about government schemes and poultry cooperatives are also included in the training. The course will give complete information about common breeds of poultry, different body systems, and functions, different breeding systems involved in poultry farming, and culling and judging of poultry.

Black Chicken.
Black Chicken.

Course Duration: The training is delivered through 20 video lessons in the duration of 8 weeks.

Eligibility: The training in Poultry Farming is useful to those who are working on a poultry farm or who want to build their career as an Entrepreneur as this course provides the basics about poultry farming.

Course Details:

This course deals with Indian Poultry Industry, Types of Poultry Farms, Small- and Large-Scale Broiler Farming, Small and Large Scale Layer Breeding Systems, and Feed management.

Dr. B.V. Rao Institute of Poultry Management & Technology:

The primary objective of the Institute is to aid the progress and development of the Poultry Industry by providing it with successful entrepreneurs and skilled manpower through programmed and scientific training.

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Poultry Training Courses Offered by Dr. B.V. Rao Institute of Poultry Management & Technology :

All the courses offered by the institute are 3 regular and 4 short duration specialized courses.

The regular courses include:

  • Commercial Poultry Management – Course duration of 24 weeks for beginners.
  • Orientation Poultry Training – 12 weeks duration – for existing poultry farmers.
  • Advanced Training in Poultry Management – Course Duration 48 weeks.

Specialized Courses 2 – week duration courses are offered:

  • Disease Diagnosis and Laboratory Work.
  • Feed Formulation and Analyses.
  • Appreciation Training in Poultry Management – for Bankers, Insurance people, etc.
  • Hatchery Management – for those engaged in the hatchery. In addition, the Institute is equipped to handle special, tailor-made courses of the required duration in any area of poultry science.


  • Post: Uruli Kasncjhan-412 202, Dist: Pune,
  • Maharashtra
  • Phone: +91-20-26926320-21
  • Fax: +91-20-26926508, 24332287, 24337760
  • E-mail: ipmtpune@vsnl.net
Central Avian Research Institute (CARI):

Central Avian Research Institute(CARI) was established on the 2nd November 1979 under the aegis of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) to provide all-around support to the growth of the poultry sector. This Institute has been playing an important role by providing need-based R&D support for diversified poultry production, processing and marketing, apart from Post-graduate education, training, and technology transfer activities for augmenting productivity, production, and profitability of the Indian poultry sector.

SHORT TERM training

  • Farmers’ training programs: It is an orientation training to start poultry farming. Three batches of short-term training on poultry production management (6 days duration) are being organized at the Institute every year. Any literate person is eligible for enrolling in the course. The enrolment fee is Rs. 700/- for General/OBC candidates and Rs. 400/- for SC/ST candidates only. You can get the Application forms by writing to the Head, Technology Transfer Section, CARI, Izatnagar, Bareilly 243 122 (U.P.) or can be downloaded from the website.
  • In-service personnel training: Specialized training courses on poultry farming are organized at the Institute for in-service personnel of various State Government Departments to update them with the latest technological know-how.
  • Sponsored training courses: Sponsored training courses on poultry production management are conducted based on the demand of the farmers.

Courses Offered:

Fowl Production, Hatchery Management, Broiler Production, Layer Production, Disease Management, Feed Management and Quality Control, Backyard poultry farming, and Artificial insemination in Poultry.

Course Duration: 12 working days.

Fee: 5000/- per course.

Eligibility: Graduation from any stream.


  • CARI, Izatnagar, Uttar Pradesh- Pin: 243 122
  • Phone: 91-581-2301261(O); 91-581-2301220; 2301320
  • Fax: 91-581-2301321
  • E-mail us: caridirector@rediffmail.com
National School of Open Schooling:

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) offers Poultry Training programs for interested learners NIOS offers Courses/Programs of Study through open and distance learning (ODL) mode.

Poultry Training Courses Offered in National School of Open Schooling:

  • Poultry Farming – I

Poultry Production, Fowl Biology, Classification of Poultry Breeding, Poultry Breeding, Incubation Methods, Rearing Systems in Poultry, Housing and Equipment’s, Chick Management, Management of Growers, and Management of Layer.

  • Poultry Farming – II

Breeding stock Management, Management of Broilers, Fundamentals of Poultry Nutrition, Feeding of Poultry, Processing and Preservation of eggs, Processing and Preservation of Poultry Meat, Diseases of Poultry, Prevention and Control and Poultry Diseases,  and Commercial Poultry Operation.

Poultry Training Duration: One Year.

Eligibility: 10th/metric passed with Science Background/Level: Senior Secondary Course.


  • B-31B,
  • Kailash Colony, New Delhi
  • Phone: 29231181-85, 29241458
Poultry Training Centre at Anand Agricultural University, Anand: 

This center provides necessary training to persons who are engaged in poultry farming or to those who are desirous to start poultry farming. Three courses of 10 weeks duration each are being conducted every year. Thus, this center has been instrumental in providing self-employment in the poultry business to many farmers and these courses also serve as refresher courses to those who are already in the poultry business. To intensify the poultry training they have entitled the scheme as “Upgrading of Poultry Training Center” has been started. To date, more than 2300 trainees have been trained under the poultry training center.

Courses Offered: Poultry Training Center in Anand provided poultry training in Poultry Management, House Management, Breeding Practices, Disease Management, and Feed Management.

Course Duration: 10 weeks.

Eligibility: 8th pass.

The medium of Teaching: Gujarati.


  • Registrar
  • Anand Agricultural University,
  • Anand: 388110.
  • Gujarat (INDIA).


  • (Office) +91-2692-261310
  • Fax: +91-2692-261310
  • E-Mail: registrar@aau.in

Conclusion of Poultry Training in India

The above information may be applied to poultry farming training in Karnataka, poultry farming training in Tamilnadu, poultry farming training in Telangana, poultry farming training in Maharashtra, poultry farming training in Andhra Pradesh, poultry farming training in Kerala, poultry farming training in Bihar, poultry farming training in Madhya Pradesh, poultry farming training in Uttar Pradesh, poultry farming training in West Bengal, poultry farming training in Gujarat, poultry farming training in Rajasthan, poultry farming training in Punjab, poultry farming training in Haryana, poultry farming training in Uttarakhand, poultry farming training in Chhattisgarh, poultry farming training in Odisha, poultry farming training in Assam, poultry farming training in Himachal Pradesh, poultry farming training in Nagaland, poultry farming training in Meghalaya, poultry farming training in Tripura

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