Poultry License in India, Poultry Permission, Guidelines

How to get Poultry License in India: Are you planning to start poultry business of your own? Then you need to know few details before starting to run your business well by considering all the aspects even the minute ones. It includes right from basic setup of equipment for raising birds and the marketing strategies applied for your business. You can get the fast growth by running your business carefully, as there is a huge demand for poultry products in the market.

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A Guide to Poultry Farm License.
A Guide to Poultry Farm License.

A guide to poultry license in india, poultry permission, guidelines

The steps which you need to follow to start a poultry farm are

  • Choosing the type of poultry farm either Broilers or layers either for meat production and egg production.
  • Choose the type of bird which you want to raise in the poultry farm.
  • Setting the farm location
  • Poultry farm business plan
  • Getting the licenses and permit from the government.
  • Costs involved in starting a poultry farm.

Getting license and permits for poultry farm in India

How to Get Poultry License in India.
How to Get Poultry License in India.

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For getting the license to start the poultry farm the following need to be followed-

  1. Application for license 

Theapplicant or the person who is applying to start a poultry farm in India needs to submit the following things to get the license. These include-

  • Plan of the poultry farm on a scale of 1: 100, of the plan of the poultry farm or house, specifications of the settings such as width, length, area and designation of each of the structures of the poultry farm. Equipment of the houses for ventilation, temperature maintenance and their capacities need to be indicated.
  • You need to submit the drawings of the new poultry house or the already existing one showing all the structures at a distance of 500 meters or the poultry house.
  1. Population of the farm 

License will be granted for a species or branch which will be existed in the sanctioned list and also check’s the area of farmland.

  1. Structure of the house and its surroundings 

A house has to be built in such a way that it should give protection to the animals and the surrounding area should be free of weeds, scrap, and any other object. It should be protected with compacted borders.

4. The water system

  • The poultry has to be provided with drinking water which will be suitable for human consumption also.
  • The poultry has to be maintained clean without any water stagnant as it effects the poultry by attracting different kinds of infections.
  1. Maintain hygienic environment

The farm should be maintained with hygienic surroundings and care should be taken that there should be no unpleasant odours and other infections.

6. Pest extermination

There will be a pest examination in the farmhousehence proper care should be taken by cleaning the farmhouse and using proper disinfectants that are approved by the Director of the agrifarming department or the institute.

7. Removal of carcasses

All the poultry carcasses should be disposed everyday properly in the decomposition pit in the farm or in any other places approved by the director or you can also transfer them to the other disposing or incinerating places to avoid the infections.

8. Feed containers

Feed containers should be stored tightly sealed containers to prevent them from birds and other rodents such as rats. As these containers should be placed outside the house on a clean and solid surface which should be cleaned easily using disinfectants.

9. Pesticides and medications

Proper medication should be provided in a timely manner and should be maintained clearly and indicated on the outside of the package. Make a note that disinfectants should be maintained separately, do not mix with the medicines.

10. Fire-fighting

Each house should have the suitable fire-fighting means based on the instructions of the relevant authorities.

Poultry farm distance from village

The proposed poultry farm should be located 500 meters away from village and 200 meters from road.

Distance between poultry farms and residences

The proposed poultry farming should be at least 1000 meters away from other poultry farms. Poultry farms should be maintained at least 5-6 Km away from the residences.

List of documents required to submit to get a poultry license in India

You can run a poultry farm either as a sole proprietorship or with two/ more owners as Private Limited Company which is also flexible in terms of tax. Before registering this you first have to go through the pros and cons attached to each one and then decide the best based on the conditions that suit you.

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Documents Required for Poultry Permission in India.
Documents Required for Poultry Permission in India.

Before applying to get the license for poultry you need to arrange the following documents carefully-

  • Certificate of company registration
  • Pan card
  • Insurance policy
  • Poultry farm business permit
  • Business plan
  • Business license
  • Animal care standards

Depending on the kind of poultry farm business, you need to provide the farm with vaccines  hence it is necessary to get certification. But note a point that if you are just rearing birds and just selling eggs then there is no need of certification, but needs a lot of knowledge.

GST registration for Poultry dairy farm in India

GST registration is required for commercial poultry farm business. You may contact any charted accountant for poultry farm GST registration process.

Is insurance required for a poultry farm?

Poultry Farm Insurance Requirement.
Poultry Farm Insurance Requirement.

It is very important that you have to get insurance for your business especially against the diseases like salmonella and other hazardous risks for your poultry farm. These are very risky, and the outbreak of one disease might wipe out the total farm at a time. Hence take guidance from the professionals. Listed below are some of insurances available-

  • Pollution liability coverage
  • Animal protection /cruelty coverage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • General liability
  • Poultry farm insurance
  • Worker’s compensation

What are the licenses required for starting poultry farm in India

These include a couple of licenses from the local authorities or from state government of India. These include-

  • No objection certificate from the local government in the area which you are planning to setup a poultry farm.
  • NOC from pollution board f the area.
  • Electrical permission whether to have a transformer based on the size of farm you are planning to setup.
  • Permissions from ground water department for the supply of water.

You can get these easily just you can post the details and get them also via online.

Supervision and reporting

After going through all the documents and permissions which you have submitted for getting the license and after careful inspection by the field officers then they will provide the licence to start the poultry based on the size of the farm.

Single window clearance poultry farm license in India

Single Window Clearance for Poultry Farm.
Single Window Clearance for Poultry Farm.

Recently government has introduceda single window clearance system to encourage the entrepreneurs so that they can get all the clearances regarding power, licenses, finance etc. within the prescribed timeline at once. This would help them to get at once saving the time and paperwork. You may be interested in Prawn Cultivation – A Complete Guide.


  1. if anyone not following these rules, where is to be make complaints. can poultry owner cut and sale the chicken also in poultry farm?

  2. I have a poultry farm madapur, village.i took DTCP approval from town planning office.government has declared excumption for poultry….. still I am facing the problem from MPP…. grampanchayat…..pls suggest me what should I do..?

  3. Dear sir,
    Iam a farmer.and now Iam planning set up of a poultry farm.my barrier is my farm location area to my school near about 100meter.hence it’s legal I can open my farm.plese suggest me.i can what do.

  4. I’m interested in POULTRY FARM business. Which would be the beneficial one, either BROILER or LAYER? I have my own FARM LAND at rural place, how much Investment is required for 1000 – 10,000 capacity. I heard that NABARD will provide some subsidy if we opt for Loan.
    Appreciate your early comment/response.

    Manoj Reddy.

  5. I would like to run a broiler poultry cum goat farm in Karthika puram village, kannur dist., Kerala. How could I get licence online – can you please let me know the website?

  6. Hi hello respected Sir
    I m from Tamilnadu Kallakurchi, Vilupouram dist, I m planning to open a small poultry farm we have an agricultural place so please can somebody help and guide me in this matter.

  7. Who has to issue a LICENSE to establishment of new poultry farm? And what is the rule of Dept of Animal husbandry and Veterinary science Govt of Karnataka?

  8. Hello Team,
    Could you please guide and support in all legal matters in setting up the poultry farm.

    I am okay to have your service on chargeable basis.

  9. I am already having a pollyhous for growing tarmaric crop in one acre of land. In the remaining one acre of land I would like to take up the Paultryfarm for layers/ meat. Land is away from village more than 500 mtrs. It is closed to the main road. Can I get the licence/permission from Gram Panchayat
    Kindly guide in this regard. Thank you.


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