Rythu Bandhu In Telangana – Scheme, Objectives, Benefits

Introduction on Rythu Bandhu in Telangana

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. The maximum population in India relies on agriculture for their living. The farmer in India mainly depends upon rainfall for irrigation of crops. There are lots of areas where the rainfall is adequate and somewhere there is less amount of rainfall. Telangana state is the area where most of the farmers depend upon rainfall for irrigation. If the rainfall is not adequate then the farmers have to face huge crop loss and to fulfill this loss, they have to take a loan and due to their inability to return the loan, the farmers and their families forced to do suicides. Therefore, the Telangana state is always trying to provide food security and income security for the farmers. Rythu Bandhu scheme is launched for the development of farmers in Telangana.

A Step by Step Guide to Rythu Bandhu In Telangana

The Telangana state wants to prevent the farmers to take a loan from anywhere. So the Telangana Government has launched an “Agriculture investment support scheme” for the farmers called “Rythu Bandhu Scheme”. Rythu Bandhu scheme has been implemented before the beginning of the Kharif season. This scheme helps the farmers with the initial investment and it will provide some amount to the farmers so that they can invest that for their agricultural purposes. Different types of crops covered under Rythu Bandhu are Paddy, Soybean, Cotton, Peas, Pepper, Sugarcane, Corns, and Other Crops.

What is the Rythu Bandhu Scheme about?

Rythu Bandhu is a support scheme for Telangana farmers, which provides cheque payments to farmers based on their landholdings. Telangana gives every beneficiary farmer Rs 4,000 per acre as “investment support” before every crop season under the Rythu Bandhu scheme. The main objective is to help the farmer meet a major part of his expenses on seed, fertilizer, pesticide, and field preparation. Though the scheme covers 1.42 crore acres in the 31 districts of the Telangana state, and every farmer owning land is eligible.

Rythu Bandhu scheme has been announced with the motive to provide debt relief to the farmers. The government will provide investment support to the farmers of Rs.4,000 per acre per farmer. With the help of the Land Records Updation Program, the farmer wise survey and their land have been done for this scheme. This scheme is used for providing investment support for cultivating agriculture and horticulture crops by way of a grant of Rs. 4,000/- per acre per farmer each season for purchase of inputs such as Seeds, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Labor, and other investments.

Under the Rythu Bandhu, the farmers will get incentives for their day to day work. To maintain crop health, they will be provided with insecticides and pesticides. Also, labor and other investment will be provided to farmers who can’t manage their finances. Rythu Bandhu will help the farmers sell more and make them financially stable as well.

To avail this scheme, the farmers should be a resident of Telangana state and must own the land. Rythu Bandhu scheme is mainly applicable for small and marginal farmers and commercial farmers are excluded from the scheme. Apart from providing incentives to the farmers to carry on their day-to-day life, many insecticides or pesticides will be provided to them to take care of their crops. Rythu Bandhu scheme is also referred to as Farmers’ Investment Support Scheme (FISS). It is a welfare program to support farmer’s investment for 2 crops a year. In each season, the TS state government will grant Rs.5000 per acre to purchase requirements such as seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers, etc.

The money is given to the agricultural farmers through a bank bearer cheque. The AEO (Agriculture Extension Officers) will supervise the cheques distribution at villages in Telangana. Then, they make entries cheque details on a tablet computer provided to them for easy monitoring.

Features of Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Agricultural Productivity – Rythu Bandhu helps farmers to increase agricultural productivity and also increase the state’s economic output.

Farmers – Small and marginal farmers irrespective of OBC, General, SC, or ST castes can apply to the Rythu Bandhu scheme.

Focusing on Main Crops – Telangana state provides financial assistant to the farmers during the Rabi and Kharif crops to generate more profits.

Pattadar Dharani Passbooks – Telangana is providing Pattadar Dharani passbooks to all eligible farmers.

Upper Limit – No landholding upper limit specified and most farmers have 10-acre landholdings. The scheme covers 1.42 crore acre areas.

Land Area – Under the Rythu Bandhu scheme, the Telangana government covers 1.42 crore acres area.

Number of Beneficiaries – About 58 lakh farmers is getting benefits under this Scheme in Telangana

Payments – Payment is made via cheque. Farmer’s deposit cheques where they have bank accounts. The money is deposited in these accounts.

Budget Allocation – A budget of about Rs.12,000 crores has been provided for the financial year 2018-19 for the Rythu Bandhu scheme.

The Main Objectives of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme

The Main Objectives of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme
The Main Objectives of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme
  • The main objective of the Rythu Bandhu scheme is to provide financial support to the poor farmers of the Telangana.
  • As we all know that the condition of farmers is not right in our country, therefore to support the farmers, the Chief Minister of Telangana has come up with the Rythu Bandhu scheme. This scheme will be able to provide a financial incentive to all of the Telangana farmers.
  • Rythu Bandhu scheme is also known as the development scheme for the farmers as with the help of this scheme the farmers will be able to get much incentive to start their day-to-day life.
  • Under this scheme, many other facilities such as insecticides as well as pesticides will also be provided to the farmers to take care of their crops.

Financial Assistance under the Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Under the Rythu Bandhu Scheme, Telangana state farmers will get annual financial assistance of Rs.8,000 per acre. Telangana farmers will acquire this grant in two instalments. In these, the first installment is Rs. 4,000 per acre will be provided during the Rabi season and the second installment is Rs. 4,000 per acre will be granted during the Kharif season. Farmers can use this financial assistance to purchase the following or can be used for agricultural labor purposes;

  • Seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Pesticides
  • Other investments for field

Guidelines and Details of Rythu Bandhu Scheme in Telangana

Name of the Scheme – Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Launched by – TS State CM KCR Garu

Launched On –            2014

Budget for Every Financial Season –  12000 Crores

State – Telangana

Purpose of Scheme – benefit   Rs.5000 per Acre to help the farmers in Kharif Season to invest the money for inputs like seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Category – State Government Scheme

Seasons – IFMIS/ Kharif/ Rabi Seasons

Rythu Bandhu Amount per season – ₹5000 per acre per season to support the investment

Rythu Bandhu Amount per year – This scheme amount twice a year, for Rabi and Kharif seasons.

The agriculture commissioner and Chief Commissioner of land will collaborate to find the list of deserving farmers.

All the details have also been deposited to the banks and the bank should take care of the data provided.

The banks will provide MIS to the Commissioner and Director of the agriculture department.

List of Banks Enrolled in Rythu Bandhu Scheme in the state of Telangana

The list of banks enrolled in the Rythu Bandhu scheme is;

  • State Bank of India.
  • Andhra Bank.
  • Syndicate Bank.
  • Canara Bank.
  • Corporation Bank
  • Indian overseas bank.
  • Telangana Gramin Bank.

The banks will take care and furnish the data of the farmers during cheque distribution i.e name, and number, etc.

Benefits of Rythu Bandhu Scheme in Telangana

  • The Telangana government is going to provide financial incentives to the farmers.
  • Rythu Bandhu takes care of the initial investment of each farmer.
  • Farmers would never fall into a debt trap.
  • Removes the debt burden of farmers.
  • Empowers farmers.
  • End of farmer land disputes.
  • The farmers of the Telangana state will be given an incentive of Rs 4000 per acre.
  • Under this scheme, farmers will also be provided with many other incentives such as free pesticides, pesticides.
  • To avail of the Rythu Bandhu scheme, farmers have to fill an application form and submit it online or offline.
  • Under the Rythu Bandhu scheme, more than 60 lakh farmers of the state are covered for the current financial year.
  • Farmers who are not following the cropping pattern decided by the government will not get the benefit of the Rythu Bandhu scheme.
  • Many farmers claim the benefits of the Rythu Bandhu scheme and do not cultivate the land, and then the benefit of the scheme will not be passed on to those farmers.
  • Under the Rythu Bandhu scheme, the financial condition of the farmer will improve.

What is the Significance of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme?

  • Indebtedness among Telangana farmers is high and they fall into the vicious debt trap of moneylenders.
  • Over 4 or 5 years, Telangana farmers will be rid of all debts due to the Rythu Bandhu scheme.
  • Also, farmers apply for loans from banks that get delayed as they don’t approve quickly in time for the crop season.
  • With the money from the Rythu Bandhu scheme farmer can purchase seeds and fertilizer and start sowing.

Eligibility Criteria for Rythu Bandhu Scheme in Telangana

Residence of Telangana – This scheme is only for the residence of Telangana state.

Land Owner – The farmer should be the owner of the land.

Status of Farmer – This scheme is for the small and marginal farmer of the Telangana state.

The Telangana state farmer should not indulge in any Government or private job.

Below mentioned points is the eligibility for the Rythu Bandhu scheme;

  • For eligibility to this scheme, the farmer must be a resident of Telangana.
  • The farmer must own the land.
  • The farmer must be small and marginal in Telangana.
  • This does not apply to commercial farmers.

Documents Required for Rythu Bandhu Scheme in Telangana

Aadhar Card – The farmer must have its updated Aadhar card for the identity.

Voter ID card – The farmer has the voter id card of the state.

Below Poverty Line (BPL) certificate – The farmer must have the certificate indicating his belonging to Below Poverty Line Family.

Land Ownership – The farmer should be the owner of the land, so he will have to submit proof of ownership of land.

Caste certificate – The farmer submits the caste certificate whether belongs to SC, ST, or BW classes.

Domicile – This is for the residence of Telangana so the farmer has to submit his domicile for the scheme.

Bank Account – The farmer has to deposit the bank account details and other details.

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Limitations of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme

  • The scheme has a provision under which cheques can be returned to the local authorities.
  • The scheme leaves out tenant cultivators and mostly coming from the poorest backgrounds.
  • Tenant farmers cannot be included as they cannot submit any proof of land cultivation, which is done based on oral lease arrangements.

Contribution for Rythu Bandhu Scheme

For the successful functioning of the Rythu Bandhu, all interested citizens of Telangana can donate cash. For making a financial donation, the government of Telangana has launched an online web portal. All interested citizen can follow the below simple steps;

Step 1 – First, visit the Rythu Bandhu Website home page.

Step 2 – Enter all details to donate.

  • Full Name
  • Select Gender from the drop-down menu
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • The village, town, and city
  • Amount for donation

Step 3 – After entering all details, click on the donate button now. The applicant can make payment through internet banking.

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