Chickpea Cultivation Income (Bengal Gram), Project Report

Introduction: Hello farmers, we are here today with Chickpea Cultivation Income, Yield  and Project Report. Bengal gram (Cicer arietinum L.) is also called as Chickpea or chana belongs to the family Fabaceae. Chickpea is the largest produced legume in south India and third largest produced legume in the world after field bean and common bean. It is grown around the world in more than 50 countries.

India is accounting for about 77 percent of the total area & production. In India, Madhya Pradesh ranks 1st in area, productivity and production in chickpea cultivation. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh are the major chickpea growing states in India.

Chickpea cultivation income, project report, yield, profits

Chickpeas Farming Profit.
Chickpeas Farming in 1Acre.

Chickpea is mainly used in culinary preparations. As being a rich source of minerals, vitamins and fibers it offers various health benefits. It also helps in reducing cholesterol. Chickpea also used in soups and salads. Chickpea is a good source of protein, it is an excellent replacement for meat in vegan diets. It is also useful for patients with diabetes. It also increases soil productivity by aiding in nitrogen fixation. It some countries chickpea is eaten as sweet by preserving them in syrup. It also serves as best source of energy and protein in animal feed.

 Soil & climate for 1-acre Chickpea cultivation

Chickpea is normally a cool season crop. Black soils with fine texture are suitable for chickpea cultivation. Avoid the field with water logging problem for chickpea cultivation. It requires a soil pH of 6.0-9.0. Avoid saline soils for cultivation of chickpea.

Moist conditions are suitable for chickpea cultivation. Because of its deep taproot system, it is moderately tolerant to drought. The optimum temperature for growth is 24°C to 30°C. Irrigation in the latter part of growth will delay maturity.

Chickpea hybrid varieties

  • ICCV-2
  • ICCV-37
  • ICCV-4
  • KWR-108
  • Pusa-319
  • Vijay
  • Pusa -240
  • Haryana chana-1
  • Chana-1
  • GNG-469
  • L-550

The cost of cultivation for 1acre Chickpea cultivation

Land preparation cost in chickpea farming

Remove all the plant debris and stubbles before ploughing. Chickpea needs a moist and firm seedbed. Primary tillage needs to be done to bury residues of previous crop and secondary tillage needs to be done to incorporate herbicides. Chickpea requires a loose and well aerated seedbed. To remove debris etc. and for ploughing it costs around Rs.1,200.

Seed rate for 1 acre Chick pea cultivation

Seeds of chickpea needs to be treated with bio fertilizers. Chickpeas are propagated by seeds. Care should be taken while purchasing the seed materials. Seed material should be procured from reliable resources. Seed rate -25-30 kilo grams per acre – desi types. 45-60 kilo grams per acre – Kabuli types. To procure seed material for one acre chickpea farming, farmer need around Rs.800.

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Sowing cost in chickpea farming

Sowing was done during October to 1st week of November. Normally, recommended row to row spacing is 25 – 40 cm and plant to plant spacing is 10 cm. Always late plating was associated with reduced yields. Sowing can be done with the help of 3 labor which costs up to Rs.600.

Fertilizers management and cost

Farmyard manure of 3 to 4 tonnes should be added to the field. Recommended NPK doses are Urea18 kg per acre, 125 kg SSP per acre and 14 kg potash per acre should be added during last ploughing. These manures and fertilizers have to be applied before sowing the seeds in the field. For this farmer has to spend around Rs.2,300.

Intercultural operations

Chickpea is not enough competitive with weeds. Weeds became a major problem in Chickpea cultivation. To reduce this problem avoids the fields with large quintiles weed seeds. This can also be minimized by removing the previous crop residues, weeds and stubbles from the field before ploughing. Fluchloralin (Basalin) 0.4 kg per acre in 320-400 liters of water as pre-planting spray may be sprayed as an effective herbicide. On an average weeding requires Rs.1,000.

Plant protection measures:

Fusarium wilt, Bacterial blight, phoma blight Cercospora Leaf Spot, sclerotinia stem rot, Root and Stem Rot, viruses and Anthracnose are the major diseases of chickpea and. Cutworm, Pod Borer are the major pests of chick pea. Immediately preventive measures should be taken after the pest and disease attack. Cost of chemicals to carry out plant protection measures may vary around Rs.1,425.

Miscellaneous activities

Various costs like irrigation costs, land rent, interest over capital and depreciation costs etc. are grouped under these miscellaneous activities. For all these activities it may cost around Rs.1500.

Harvesting, threshing & drying cost of Chickpeas

Color of the leaves is the important maturity indicator in chickpea during maturity they turn into reddish brown color and start shedding. After harvesting separate the pods from plants and allow the pods to dry by placing on a surface. On drying, pods will split and seeds were collected. These seeds should be dried enough up to a moisture percentage of 12 for further storage. All the above operations on an average need 6-7 labor, to which it may cost Rs.1300.

The yield from 1 acre chickpea farm

The yield of the crop varies depending upon various factors but on the average yield potential of chickpea is 8-10 quintals per acre.

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Transportation cost for marketing

The harvested produce needs to be marketed at a nearby market for this farmer rely upon tractors or trucks to carry the produce from the place of harvest to market. Transportation charges may extend up to Rs. 1,250. However, nowadays, farmers are selling the produce at the farm itself.

Total cost of 1-acre Chickpea farming:

Cost of seed material  –   Rs. 800

Cost of land preparation  –   Rs.1,200

Cost of sowing –   Rs. 600

Cost of inter cultural operations –   Rs. 1,000

Cost of Plant protection  –   Rs. 1,425

Fertilizer cost –   Rs. 2,300

Cost of miscellaneous activities  –   Rs. 1,500

Cost of harvesting and other activities  –   Rs. 1,300

The cost of 1 acre Chickpea farming  –  Rs.  10,125

Extra 10% of total cost  –  Rs. 1125

The total cost of 1 acre Chickpea farming  – Rs. 11,250

The total cost incurred in 1-acre Chickpea cultivation:

On an average farmer has to spend Rs.11,250 to cultivate chickpea in one acre. There might be little differences in total cost of cultivation of chickpea from cost mentioned above depending upon various factors.

The total income from 1-acre Chickpea cultivation:

Farmer can get around 8 quintals of average yield with chickpea cultivation in one acre. A farmer when sells his produce at market he will get Rs.3,325 per quintals (on 06 September 2019 at Warangal grain market). Then totally he may get Rs.26,600 for 8 quintals of chickpea.

Net profit from 1 acre Chickpea farming:

Net income involved in 1 acre chickpea cultivation is:

Rs.26,600– Rs. 11,250= Rs. 15,350

On an average farmer will receive a net income of Rs. 15,350 by cultivating chickpea in one acre. There might be little fluctuations in net income depending upon various factors.

Conclusion: Nearly, around in 100 days by cultivating chickpea in one acre land,the farmer will get Rs.15,350 as a net income.

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