Foxtail Millet Cultivation Income, Yield, Project Report

Introduction: Hi farmers, we are here today with Foxtail Millet cultivation income and project report for 1 acre plantation.  Foxtail millet (Setaria italica) is the third most important millet crop in the world followed by sorghum and Bajra. It belongs to the family Poaceae. In Telugu it is called as Korralu. Foxtail millet is a high source of important nutrients. It is nutritious for the people who are suffering from diabetic problems. Foxtail millet contains good amount of phosphorus which helps in fat metabolism. Presence of Mg in foxtail millet helps in reducing the migraines and heart attacks. It also works as co-factor in enzymes. Foxtail Millet also contains high amount of antioxidants. Moreover it is used extensively in preparation of wide range of dishes. It is also used as fodder crop to feed cattle. It is also said to be poor man’s food. In early types crop comes to maturity within 75-80 days. We can grow this crop in crop rotations of wheat and groundnut.

The average yield of foxtail millets is around 10 to 12 quintals per acre. The required seed rate is 2 kg foxtail millet seed per acre. The Minimum Support price for Foxtail Millet is Rs. 3,500 per quintal foxtail millet.

Foxtail Millet Cultivation Income, Project report, Yield, Profits 

Foxtail Farming Project Report, Income.
Foxtail Farming.

Foxtail Millet Varieties

    • Prasad
    • Suryanandi
    • Krishnadevarya
    • Narasimharaya
    • Srilaxmi
    • SIA-3388
    • SIA-3156 

Cost of cultivation for 1-acre Foxtail Millet

Land preparation: Remove all the plant debris and stubbles before ploughing. Foxtail Millet needs a moist and firm seed bed. Primary tillage needs to be done to bury residues of the previous crop and secondary tillage needs to be done to incorporate herbicides.  Foxtail Millet requires a loose and well aerated seedbed. plough the soil with iron plough thoroughly to achieve a fine tilth. During land preparation  have to add initial dose of fertilizers at last plouging. For removing stubbles etc. labor is required which cost around Rs.400 and for ploughing it require farm machinery like tractor. The farmer has to incur Rs.1600 to plough 1 acre land.

Seed rate for 1 acre foxtail millet:

Cultivars should be selected based on suitable for the local climate, resistance to local pests etc. seed rate for Foxtail millet is 2 kilo grams per acre. Seed treatment with Captan at 3 grams per kg is seed should be done. Quality seeds should be procured from reliable resources like SAU, KVK’s, etc. Seeds should be mixed with sand in 1:3 ratio for broadcasting. We can able to procure good quality seed material at Rs.150 per kilogram and costs up to Rs. 200 for chemicals for seed treatment.

Sowing cost in 1 acre foxtail millet farming:

It can be cultivated as rain fed crop in Kharif season. In summer foxtail millet cultivation can be done under irrigated conditions. Sowing during late spring or early summer will helps in getting higher yields. It requires a planting temperature of 65 ̊ F before planting. Spacing to be followed between rows is 22.5 cm whereas spacing between plants is 7.5 cm.

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Sowing time:

First week of June to last week July for Kharif season.  The second week of January – for summer crop. Sowing is mostly done by broadcasting with the help of 2 human labor which costs around Rs. 400.

Fertilizers management:

Farmyard manure of 3-4 tonnes should be added to the field during the last ploughing. Application of fertilizer will certainly increase yield but the application of fertilizer should be done in accordance with soil tests. 1st dose – during ploughing- 8 kg nitrogen, 8 kg phosphorous per acre along with 3 – 4 tonnes of FYM. 2nd dose – After 30-35 days after sowing-16 kg urea. Cost of fertilizer along with farmyard manure reach up to Rs. 2,800.

Intercultural operations:

One of the most effective ways for controlling weeds during establishment is to plant foxtail millet seed into a well-prepared and weed-free seedbed. Spraying Atrazine at the rate of  400 grams with 200 liters of water per acre with 24 hours of sowing to the soils will effectively control the weeds. Thinning should be done if the plant population was heavy within 10-15 days of sowing. Thinning requires 2 labors means Rs. 400. Whereas, for manual as well as chemical weeding farmer need to spend Rs. 1900.

Plant protection measures:

Generally there are fewer incidences of pest and diseases in foxtail millet. But sometimes, the farmer has to encounter with some pest and diseases during the cultivation like smut, rust, green ear, etc. and stem weevil. All preventive measures should be taken up as fast as possible to mitigate the losses due to pest and disease. It needs around Rs. 1,525 money to carry out plant protection measures.

Miscellaneous activities incurred in 1 acre foxtail millet farming:

Activities like family labor, electricity charges, interest over the capital, rent over land, etc. included in this category. On an average farmer has to spend about Rs. 2400 towards these activities.

Harvesting, threshing and drying:

Harvesting can be done either mechanically or manually. Generally, crop comes to harvesting within 75-85 days after sowing. After harvesting grains should be dried enough to reduce the moisture content to get a good price in market. Care should be taken while drying to achieve proper drying otherwise there might be the attack of mold if not dried properly. Harvesting can be carried out either manually or mechanically in both modes of harvestings. The average cost involved is around Rs. 1,500.

Yield from 1 acre foxtail millet farming:

On an average, foxtail millet cultivation farmer can get 10-12 quintals of yield from one acre land.

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Transportation of produce from the production area to market was done by with the help of a tractor or truck towards which farmer has to pay transportation charges of Rs. 425.

Total cost of 1-acre Foxtail Millet farming:

Cost of seed material  –   Rs. 300 +200

Cost of land preparation –   Rs.  400 +1600

Cost of sowing –   Rs. 400

Cost of inter cultural operations  –   Rs. 400 +1900

Cost of Plant protection –   Rs. 1525

Fertilizer cost –   Rs. 2800

Cost of miscellaneous activities –   Rs. 2400

Cost of harvesting and other activities –   Rs. 1500

Cost of transportation –   Rs. 425

Cost of 1 acre Foxtail Millet farming –  Rs.  13, 850

Extra 10% of total cost –  Rs. 1385

Therefore, total cost of 1 acre Foxtail Millet farming – Rs. 15, 235

Total cost incurred in 1-acre Foxtail Millet cultivation:

On an average total cost of cultivation involved in one acre foxtail millet cultivation is Rs. 15,235. Cost involved in cultivation of foxtail millet may vary from above mentioned cost depending upon various factors.

Total income from 1-acre Foxtail Millet cultivation:

In recent days demand for foxtail millet is increasing heavily. So, at any cost when farmer sells his produce in the market he can get minimum Rs.35 per kg. Then totally the farmer will get Rs. 35,000 for 10 quintals of foxtail millet.

Net profit from 1-acre Foxtail Millet farming:

Net income involved in 1 acre Foxtail Millet cultivation is:

Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 15,235 = Rs. 19,765

On an average farmer will get a net income of Rs. 19,765 by cultivating Foxtail Millet in one acre fertile agriculture land.

Conclusion: Farmer is getting around Rs. 19,765 in one acre of foxtail millet in areas with low irrigation facilities and with low inputs costs. The farmer may get extra income from mentioned above because of increasing demand for this crop.

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