Everything You Want to Know About Mahindra Oja Tractor: Features, Specifications, Price for Different Models

Mahindra Oja Tractor is a powerful and versatile machine designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers and agricultural enthusiasts. It is a tractor that combines strength, efficiency, and reliability to deliver exceptional performance on the field. Whether you’re a small-scale farmer looking to enhance productivity or an experienced professional seeking top machinery – this tractor is designed to meet all your needs.

Mahindra Oja Tractor

Mahindra OJA offers a wide range of tractors, starting from 21- 40 HP. Mahindra Oja’s price range starts from 4.78 lac. The hydraulic system in the Mahindra Oja Tractor plays a crucial role in powering versatility. This tractor offers superior hydraulic capabilities that make farm work easier, from operating attachments like loaders and backhoes to lifting heavy implements.

The Mahindra Oja Tractor has many features and benefits, making it an excellent choice for farmers and agricultural workers. With regular maintenance and service requirements kept in mind by Mahindra engineers during development, keeping your Mahindra Oja Tractor running smoothly is hassle-free.

All You Need to Know About Mahindra Oja Tractor

History and Evolution of Mahindra Oja Tractor: From Inception to Present

Mahindra Oja Tractor has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of farmers worldwide. Over the years, Mahindra has introduced several models of Oja tractors, each packed with advanced features and cutting-edge technology. From compact designs for small farms to powerful machines for large-scale operations, Mahindra Oja Tractors have become synonymous with reliability and performance.

The company has consistently focused on enhancing engine power, improving fuel efficiency, and incorporating user-friendly features. With every new model release, Mahindra has raised the bar regarding durability, versatility, and ease of use. Today, Mahindra Oja Tractors are known for their robust construction, efficient transmission systems, and superior hydraulic capabilities. Mahindra Oja Tractor has stayed true to its mission of empowering farmers by providing them with high-quality machinery that enhances productivity and profitability.

Key Features and Specifications of Mahindra Oja Tractor: A Closer Look

This powerful machine is designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers and agricultural workers. It can handle various tasks, from plowing fields to harvesting crops. Whether you need to tow heavy loads or operate attachments like tillers or mowers, the Mahindra Oja Tractor covers you. The advanced transmission system ensures smooth gear shifts and optimal power transfer, improving fuel economy and reducing operating costs.

Additionally, the hydraulic system provides precise control over various implements, enhancing productivity on the field. Safety is also prioritized with features like ROPS (rollover protective structure), ensuring operator protection in case of accidents or rollovers. Maintenance requirements are minimal thanks to durable construction and easy access to engine components for regular servicing.

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Mahindra Oja Tractor Variant

The Mahindra Oja Tractor plays a vital role in modern agriculture by offering superior performance, versatility, efficiency, safety measures, and ease of maintenance. The Mahindra Oja Tractor’s engine performance and power output are truly impressive. With its 3-cylinder engine, this tractor delivers exceptional power, allowing for field high performance. Additionally, the transmission system in the Mahindra Oja Tractor enhances efficiency and control. Its forward and reverse gears provide versatility in different farming tasks, ensuring smooth operation.

Different Models of Mahindra Oja Tractor

Mahindra OJA tractors offer a range of models to suit different farming needs. Mahindra OJA tractors are Oja 3140 4WD, Oja 3136 4WD, Oja 2121 4WD, Oja 2130 4WD, Oja 2127 4WD, Oja 2124 4WD, Oja 3132 4WD. These tractors deliver on performance and prioritize operator comfort and safety. Operators can work long hours without compromising their well-being with ergonomic designs and various safety features incorporated into their structure.

Engine Performance and Power Output of Mahindra Oja Tractor: Unleashing the Potential

With a range of models to choose from, each equipped with a powerful 3-cylinder engine, these tractors are built to deliver optimal performance. The Mahindra Oja Tractor offers varying power output levels depending on the model. The PTO HP ranges from 20.6 to 34.8, ensuring that there is a suitable option for every farming need. This power allows the tractor to handle heavy-duty tasks, whether plowing fields or hauling easily.

Furthermore, the engine’s efficiency minimizes fuel consumption without compromising power delivery. This not only saves costs but also reduces environmental impact. With advanced technology and engineering expertise, Mahindra has designed an engine that provides reliable performance in all conditions. Whether you’re working in rough terrains or extreme weather conditions, these tractors will continue to perform at their best.

Transmission System in Mahindra Oja Tractor: Enhancing Efficiency and Control

It is a key component vital in enhancing efficiency and control. This tractor’s advanced technology and robust design ensure smooth operation and seamless gear shifting. The Mahindra Oja Tractor offers multiple gears, both forward and reverse, allowing operators to easily adjust their speed based on the terrain or task at hand. This flexibility enables precise control over the tractor’s performance, whether plowing fields or hauling heavy loads.

Furthermore, the transmission system in the Mahindra Oja Tractor is designed for optimal power transfer. It efficiently transfers engine power to the wheels, maximizing traction and minimizing energy loss. This results in reduced operating costs for farmers. With its efficient transmission system, the Mahindra Oja Tractor provides farmers with enhanced productivity while maintaining ease of use.

Understanding the Hydraulic System in Mahindra Oja Tractor: Powering Versatility

It is a crucial component that powers its versatility. This tractor can easily perform various tasks with its efficient and reliable hydraulic system. The hydraulic system uses fluid pressure to generate power, allowing for smooth and precise operation of various implements and attachments. Whether you want to lift heavy loads or operate hydraulically powered tools, the Mahindra Oja Tractor’s hydraulic system delivers exceptional performance.

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Mahindra Oja Tractor Design

It ensures the tractor maintains optimal performance even when faced with demanding tasks. Additionally, the hydraulic system enables quick and effortless attachment changes, making it convenient for farmers who often need to switch between different implements. This saves both time and effort during daily operations on the farm. This advanced hydraulic setup gives operators precise control over every movement, from adjusting implement height to regulating speed.

The Ergonomics and Comfort Features of Mahindra Oja Tractor: Ensuring Operator Satisfaction

From long hours in the field to navigating rough terrains, Mahindra Oja Tractor ensures operators can work comfortably and efficiently. The main feature is the ergonomic seating arrangement. The tractor is equipped with a well-padded seat that provides ample support for the back, reducing fatigue during long working hours. The seating position can also be adjusted to suit individual preferences, ensuring maximum comfort for operators of all sizes.

Mahindra Oja Tractors are designed with user-friendly controls strategically placed within the operator’s reach. This facilitates smooth operation and reduces strain on the body by minimizing unnecessary movements. To further enhance operator convenience, these tractors also come with power steering.

Safety Features in Mahindra Oja Tractor: Prioritizing Operator Protection

Safety is always a top priority when operating heavy machinery like tractors. Mahindra Oja Tractor understands this and has incorporated several safety features to protect the operator. The major safety feature is the rollover protection System (ROPS), which provides a secure structure in case of accidental rollovers, protecting the operator from potential injuries.

Additionally, seat belts are provided to enhance operator safety further and prevent ejection during sudden movements or accidents. Another safety feature is the presence of an ergonomic and comfortable seating arrangement. The well-padded seat ensures comfort and reduces fatigue during long hours of operation, minimizing distractions and promoting better focus on tasks.

Furthermore, the Mahindra Oja Tractor has reliable braking systems that allow quick stopping in emergencies. This ensures operators have full control over their tractor’s movement and can react promptly to avoid accidents. Additionally, these tractors have strategically placed warning lights and indicators to alert the operator and others around them about ongoing operations. This helps prevent any potential accidents by ensuring clear visibility for everyone involved.

Maintenance and Service Requirements for Mahindra Oja Tractor: Keeping it Running Smoothly

Regular maintenance ensures the tractor operates at optimal performance levels, reducing the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for routine servicing is important to maintain the tractor. This includes regular oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections of key components such as belts, hoses, and batteries. In addition to routine maintenance tasks, addressing any concerns promptly is essential.

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Mahindra Oja Tractor in the Field

If you notice any unusual vibrations while operating the tractor, it is advisable to have a professional technician inspect the problem. Furthermore, keeping the tractor clean is an aesthetic consideration and affects its overall performance. Regularly removing dirt and debris from exterior surfaces helps prevent corrosion and damage to sensitive parts. Proper storage during periods of non-use can significantly extend the lifespan of your Mahindra Oja Tractor. Protecting it from harsh weather conditions by storing it in a dry garage can help prevent rusting and other exposure-related issues.

Applications and Use Cases of Mahindra Oja Tractor: Versatility in Action

The Mahindra Oja Tractor excels at plowing, tilling, planting, and harvesting in agriculture. Its powerful engine and robust design make it suitable for handling heavy loads and navigating rough terrain. Farmers can rely on this tractor to increase their productivity and efficiency. It can also be used in construction projects for digging trenches, moving materials, and leveling uneven surfaces.

With its superior power output and advanced transmission system, this tractor delivers exceptional performance even in challenging construction environments. Furthermore, the Mahindra Oja Tractor finds application in transportation operations as well. Whether hauling goods or towing trailers, this tractor provides reliable power delivery and stability on the road.

Comparing Mahindra Oja Tractor with Competitors: Strengths and Advantages

The key strength is its affordability. With various models available at varying price points, the Mahindra Oja Tractor offers excellent value for money without compromising on quality or performance. Another advantage of the Mahindra Oja Tractor is its lifting capacity. This tractor can easily handle heavy loads with a robust 950 kg lifting capacity.

This makes it suitable for various agricultural tasks, from plowing fields to transporting materials. The Mahindra Oja Tractor boasts impressive PTO (power take-off) horsepower. Ranging from 20.6 HP to 34.8 HP, depending on the model, these tractors can provide high performance on the field. Furthermore, the Mahindra Oja Tractor’s reliable transmission system enhances efficiency and control.

Safety is also a priority in these tractors, with various safety features incorporated into their design. Every aspect has been carefully considered, from protective structures to ensure operator protection in case of accidents or rollovers to ergonomic seats that reduce operator fatigue during long hours of operation.

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Mahindra Oja Tractor

Price for Different Mahindra Oja Tractor Models

Tractor ModelSpecificationsHP CategoryPrice
Mahindra Oja 3140 4WDLifting capacity of 950 kg, 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gears, produces 34.8 PTO HP40 HP 7.40 Lac
Mahindra OJA 2121 4WDLifting capacity of 950 kg, 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gears, produces 18 PTO HP21 HP 4.78 Lac
Mahindra Oja 2130 4WDLifting capacity of 950 kg, 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gears, produces 25.4 PTO HP30 HP 5.95 Lac
Mahindra Oja 2127 4WDLifting capacity of 950 kg, 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gears, produces 22.8 PTO HP27 HP5.65 Lac
Mahindra Oja 2124 4WDLifting capacity of 950 kg, 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gears, produces 20.6 PTO HP24 HP 5.35 Lac
Mahindra Oja 3136 4WDLifting capacity of 950 kg, 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gears, produces 31.5 PTO HP36 HP 6.98 Lac
Mahindra Oja 3132 4WDLifting capacity of 950 kg, 8 Forward + 8 Reverse gears, produces 27.5 PTO HP32 HP 6.45 Lac

Frequently Asked Questions about Mahindra Oja Tractor

What is Oja Mahindra?

A paradigm shift in tractor design and engineering, the OJA is Mahindra’s Future Ready range of global-weight 4WD Tractors.

Why are Mahindra Tractors Famous?

The reason for the high demand for Mahindra Tractors is their fuel-efficient engine. The farmers spend money to buy a fuel-efficient tractor, and this tractor is always their first choice.

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Mahindra Oja Tractor

What is the Price of Oja 2121?

Mahindra Oja 2121 price in India is Rs. 4.78 lakh, justifying its farmer-friendly features.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Mahindra tractor?

These tractors are designed to withstand challenging conditions and heavy workloads. With proper maintenance, Mahindra tractors have a life expectancy of 4000 to 6000 hours.

What is the Price Of a Mahindra Oja Tractor Mini?

The mini OJA 2121 4WD tractor price is Rs. 4.78 Lakh.


Mahindra Oja Tractor is an ideal choice for those seeking reliable equipment capable of easily handling demanding farming tasks. The Mahindra Oja Tractor has a robust engine, which ensures high power output for tackling tough farming tasks. Whether plowing fields or hauling heavy loads, this tractor doesn’t shy away from hard work. The Mahindra Oja Tractor boasts advanced transmission systems that enhance efficiency and control. With multiple forward and reverse gears, operators can easily adjust their speed according to the task.


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