Fish Farming; Cultivation; Fish Pond Preparation

Fish Farming Guide for Beginners:

The following article talks about how to start a fish farming business in India. or a fish farming business plan

Fish Farming
Fish Farming.

Importance of Fish:

Fish is one of the favorite items in the food menu of almost 60% of Indians. So market demand is always high for fish items. If we consider the global demand also, the total requirement becomes very high. The main source of fish is from the sea. but the global fish harvest from the sea is decreasing rapidly.

The only way we can ensure the availability of fish to meet increasing demand is through fish farms. Inland freshwater fish plays a major role here. We have a large number of natural ponds here. With a good business plan and decision, we can convert this opportunity to a successful small scale farm.

Advantages of Fish Farm Business:

Setting up commercial fish raising business has many advantages. The main advantages of setting up commercial fish growing business in India are listed below.

Fish Farming
Fish Farming.
  1. Fish and fish products have a huge demand in India. Fish is one of the most common and favorite items in the food menu of more than 60 percent of Indian people.
  2. Market demand and price is always high for fish and fish related products in India.
  3. Indian climate is very suitable for fish production and fish growing business.
  4. Various types of easily found water sources are available. You can fill your pond with water from your nearest river, lake or any other water sources.
  5. Various types of fast-growing fish species are available. Farming those fast-growing fish species ensure rapid returns of your investment.
  6. Easily available and low-cost labor. You can also start an integrated fish growing business with various types of animals, birds, crops, and vegetables. Integrated fish farming reduces feeding costs and ensures maximum production.
  7. Fish business in India is really very profitable and riskless business. Commercial fish growing can create new income and employment opportunities. Unemployed educated young people can start raising fishes. This will provide them both financial freedom and permanent income opportunities.
  8. People with other occupation or job can also start a fish business without impacting their regular work. If you have suitable land and facilities for fish growing then you can easily start doing this business.
  9. If you want, you can also apply for the bank loan. And there are more benefits of starting fish farming in India. If you have suitable land and proper facilities don’t misuse the possibilities. Start raising some fish. If you are new then start small scale fish farm business and gather experience. You can also visit some fish farms practically to have some knowledge.

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Starting a Fish Farm:

Starting a fish farm in India is not so easy. For setting up a profitable fish farming business, you have to go through some procedures. I have shortly described various steps of fish rasing in India.


How to Prepare Fish Pond:

The most important infrastructure of the fish business is a pond. We can’t do a commercial fish raising business without a pond. You can use your existing pond or construct a new one for a fish business in India. We can raise fish in both seasonal and permanent pond. In the case of growing fishes in the seasonal pond where water will not exist for the whole year, we have to raise some fast-growing and quick maturing fish breeds. Before stocking minnow in the pond prepare it properly. Clean the bottom of the pond perfectly and then fertilize it. Optimize the PH value of pond water and soil. High-quality pond environment ensures high production and profit. See the full pond management system.

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Selection of Fish Breeds:

Selection of Fish breeds plays a major role in the sustainability of our business. The decision should be based on market demand, maintenance point of view, availability of the resource, effective utilization of resources, etc. Carp items such as Catla, Rohu, Grass carp, Common carp, etc are suitable for Indian ponds. Other breeds such as Tilapia, Catfish, etc also cultivated in Indian Ponds. Polyculture (growing two or more fish breeds in the same pond) is the suitable strategy for optimum utilization of resources. You can get quality fish seeds(baby fishes) from the nearest fish farmer or from the fisheries department.

Breed Selection.
Breed Selection.

Fish Feeding and Maintenance:

Special care must be taken while growing fishes. The water PH value must be 7 to 8 for optimum growth. Chances of virus attacks must be avoided. The fish pond should be protected from predators. Daily scouting should be done and suspected fishes should the isolated from pond to avoid spreading of diseases all over the pond. Fish diseases can be treated by treating water using salt, potassium permanganate solution, chemicals, etc. It is better to prevent diseases than curing it.
Marketing of Fishes:
Fish Farming
Fish Farming.
The local market is the easily available market for the majority of farmers. But the profit will be less compared to exporting. Fish meat can be processed to produce value-added products and the can be exported to foreign markets. The formation of farmers association can help with this marketing. The advantage of the local market is that the selling of fish is not a problem here and farmers can get a decent income. So the strength of both markets ensures the success of this farming. Fish growing is becoming one of the main farm fields which reduce the unemployment issue in village areas. So an opportunity always exists here for those who love fish.
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    • Area of the pond or tank depends on Type of fish (variety), number fish and fish size that you want to sell it off. Read the following articles, then you can under stand about your requirement.

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      For Rohu Fish Farming: Read here.

  1. For marketing Fish: 1) You can contact any Non-veg hotels 2) Any middle agent who can buy your fish and sell them in local market 3 ) You can yourself market locally. We don’t have ny idea of fish agents.

    For Murrel Farming: Read here.

    For Tilapia Fish Farming : Read here.

  2. Hi….sir i want a help from you what i am confusing .ok i am from Assam state and i am going to make a FISH FARMING so i want to know that should i take a licence for making a fish farming?? how its legel or iligel just i need help from you.i hope you will help me.please sir.

    • Catfish farming is banned in India. However, If you are planning for commercial fish have to get trade license. Please contact local or state fisheries/aquaculture department for actual process and for different type of fish breeds.

  3. Dear Sir how can we check the PH value, is there any preferred meter or something which we can do or we need to contact someone to check the same.If yes than where i can do.I am from Hyderabad, Telangana

  4. I need details about salt water fish farming. Is it possible to set in pond other than sea side?
    Also need to know about fresh water fish lists.

  5. Hello there , where are lobster larvae available in Maharashtra . Can you provide some information about the lobster and crab farming would be really helpful .

  6. Dear Team,

    Many thanks for the great information above.

    I am planning to start fish farming at home. This is purely for Home use only and not as a business. As I am an expat and my parents and kids are back home, i Really want to make sure that they get the best with minimal poisonous food. We have already started vegetables and we have been cultivating rice for decades..

    My query is as below.

    In order to get good yield of fish say at least twice a week what size should be my pond.

    What are the best varieties that i can start with. Provided I am from the northern part of Kerala and a hilly region.

    Is there any consultants or parties who deal with the same.

    Are there any social community groups where i can join and learn more.

    I Intend to start the same by end of August 2018.

    Many thanks in advance.

  7. Hi, now I start making a fish pond it’s size is 15 feet width and 20 feet length. Is it capable for any fish varieties in one pond? It have 4.5 feet depth .

  8. Hi,i am from Sangrur dist of Punjab and I want to start this fish farming business and where can I meet the concerned person for this for more knowledge and is there any subsidy available and how much land is required?

  9. Can you do fish breeding at home without pond but using tanks? If we want to breed ornamental fish for aquarium it a good option ? where can i find more information about the steps and market potential ?

  10. Hi

    My plan is to start the Salmon fish farming in 10 Acres. I have two varieties of Water available near to my ponds. Salt and Normal water.

    Please guide me in my plan and where can I find the salmon fish seeds.

    Greatly Appreciated for your support.

  11. Hi sir, i have one acre of land in pandavapura, it is attached to lake and always water is coming from the channel. The soil type is clay, it is suitable for fish farming. On one acre (40,000 Sft) how many ponds can be built and what is the quantity of fish is to be cultivated in one acre of pond system.

  12. Hi.

    We are planning to start for the business for fish farming.
    Please give us more ideas on how to start and what are the needed things we do?
    Kindly give us your contact numbers.

  13. Hi,

    Thanks first of all. Great information here. I need your suggestions on setting up Fish Farming in 3 acres of area in Muradabad (UP).

    Please guide me though the process. I could see like this

    1. Set up a Farm of best in demand breeds.
    2. Find the right buyer
    3. Transport.

    Also, what should be the size of initial investment.


  14. Sir you suggested Tilapia than Rohu or Catla. But when comparing market price, Rohu or Catla priced around Rs.120 where as Tilapia around Rs.70. Even 60% production of Tilapia gets in Rohu,it is advantage as Rohu has good demand. please explain why do youthe suggest Tilapia.

    • Where do you get Tilapia for Rs.70? Tilapia is expensive in India. I am not sure whether you are confused with some other breed. Rohu an Katla are priced at 120 to 160 rs/kg based on area ..if they are live, they cost little more.

  15. Hello sir,

    I am planning to setup a 2000 sq. ft fish pond next year with four feet depth. Is this type pond suitable for Tiger prawns?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  16. We wish to start Biofloc Fish Farming.In Maharashtra is any agency or consultant available? set up cost ?
    Seeds Availibility?

  17. I am from Mumbai where from it can get small fishes for breading I want to put in a big lake pls help n forward address or contact number

  18. I am based out of Delhi and interested in fish farming
    Need proper training,guidance if someone can help andd share contact details


  19. Hello Sir,
    I have 2 new ponds 60×60 ft in jharkhand and i want to start farming of carps because in our area very high demand of carp fishes therefore, my humble request to you to explain the complete procedure from begining thanks.

  20. Hi Jagdish Reddy,

    It’s very inspiring how you have devoted yourself into this. Are we allowed to visit your Fish farm? Please provide more details so I can further connect with you on the subject.

    Thank you.


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