Horse Gram Cultivation Income, Yield, Project Report

Introduction: Hello farmers today we are here with a great econimics of Horse gram farming which includes Horse gram cultivation income, the cost of cultivation of Horse gram per acre, yield, profit, and project peport. Horse gram (Macrotylomauniflorum.) is also called as kulthi belongs to the family lenguminaseae. Horse gram in telugu is called as ulavalu. Horse gram can be grown in dry regions. It contains good nutritional value. It is famous as feed for the horse. It also helps in preventing from so many health problems.

A guide for Horse gram cultivation income, project report, yield 

It requires around 12 – 15 kilograms of seeds to cultivate in one acre. Approximately farmer can get a yield of 3- 4 quintals from one acre of Horse gram field. Average market price for Horse gram is Rs.3500 –Rs. 4000 per quintal. Crop duration of Horse gram is around 3 – 4 months depending upon the variety.

Horse gram hybrid varieties

  • D. M-1
  • Z. M-1
  • H. G-62
  • H. G- 9
  • R. H. G -19
  • CRIDA- 18R
  • CRHG – 02

The cost of cultivation for 1-acre Horse gram cultivation

Horse Gram Project Report.
Horse Gram Project Report.
The cost of Land preparation

Ploughing the land 3 – 4 times and made the furrows, ridges and irrigation channels as per the recommendations is important. So, to plough one ace land we need around Rs.800. To prepare ridges and beds etc. in one acre land we need one men labor. Wage of men labor per day is Rs. 300 per head. So, it costs Rs.300 to prepare ridges and beds and before ploughing we need to make the land from weeds etc. To practice this cleaning operation in one acre land we need one human labor. Wage of human labor is Rs.200 per day then cleaning requiresRs.200.

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The cost of Seed material

In broad casting method of sowing to sow one acre horse gram we require 12 – 15 kilograms of seeds. In market cost of one kilo gram of horse gram is Rs.40. Then to purchase 12 kilo grams of horse gram seeds costs vary around Rs. 480.

The seed treatment cost for one acre horse gram cultivation

The seeds need to be treated with chemicals like thiram, carbendazim etc. to avoid various pest and diseases and to reduce yield losses. Cost of seed treatment is Rs.150 averagely.

One acre Horse Gram farming Sowing cost

One acre land can be sown with the help of one human labor in broad casting method of sowing. Then money incurred towards sowing one acre horse gram is Rs.200.

The cost of Fertilizers and Manure in one acre Horse Gram farming

One acre horse gram field require around 2 tonnes of farmyard manure. Farmer has to spend Rs.400 to apply this farmyard manure. Along with farmyard manure we need to apply 10 kilograms of Urea, 63 kilograms of single super phosphate and 14 kilograms of Murate of potash. So, chemical fertilization expenditure varies around Rs. 740.

The Weeding cost in one acre Horse Gram farming

In Horse gram weeding should be carried at timely intervals to get higher yields. To practice better weed management in one acre horse gram field an amount of Rs.550 need to be spent by the farmer. It includes cost of inter-cultivation along with cost of herbicidal sprays.

The cost of Plant protection measures

Major pests and diseases of Horse gram are stem fly, leaf hoppers, aphids, cercospora leaf spot, powdery mildew, root rot wilt and yellow mosaic.  All the pest and diseases should be managed in an integrated approach effectively to reduce yield losses. For the management of all these pest and diseases in one acre horse gram field average amount of Rs. 620 required.

The cost of Miscellaneous activities

Miscellaneous activities in one acre Horse gram cultivation include costs incurred towards electricity, rent for land, interest over capital etc. So, around Rs. 350 need to spend by the farmer towards all these miscellaneous activities.

The cost of Harvesting in one acre Horse gram farming

Horse gram is harvested by cutting Plants at the base with the help of sickle. With the help of one human labor we can harvest one acre horse gram field. So, total cost of harvesting will be Rs. 200.

The cost of threshing, winnowing and cleaning etc.

Threshing in horse gram was done by beating up with sticks with the help of 2 labors and winnowing need one human labor whereas, cleaning and packing operation requires around 1labor. Totally, after harvesting operations requires 4 human labors which cost around Rs.600 averagely if we consider Rs.150 as labor wage during the time of harvesting.

The Yield of Horse gram per acre

Cultivating Horse gram in one acre of land by using hybrids farmer can get around 3 – 4 quintals of Horse gram. There might be differences in yields depending upon various factors.

The cost of Transportation: It will cost up to Rs.150 to transport the produce to the market. However, the farmer can also sell the produce to the Horse Gram mediators at their own farm.

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The total cost of 1-acre  Horse gram farming:

The cost of land preparation  –   Rs. 800 + Rs. 300 + Rs. 200

The cost of seed material      –   Rs. 480

The cost of seed treatment    –   Rs. 150

The cost of sowing   –   Rs.200

The fertilizer cost   –   Rs. 400 + Rs. 740

The cost of weeding –   Rs. 550

The cost of Plant protection   –   Rs. 620

The cost of miscellaneous activities –   Rs. 350

The cost of harvesting –  Rs. 200

The cost of drying and threshing –   Rs. 600

The cost of transportation –   Rs. 150

The cost of 1 acre Horse gram farming   – Rs.  5, 740.

Extra 10% of total cost – Rs.574.

The total cost of 1 acre Horse gram farming  – Rs.6,314 

The total cost incurred in 1-acre Horse gram cultivation

On an average total cost of cultivation involved in one acre Horse gram cultivation is Rs.6,314. Cost involved in cultivation of Horse gram may vary from above mentioned cost depending upon various factors like pest and disease incidence and weed incidence etc.

The total income from 1-acre Horse gram cultivation:

Market price for Horse gram dated on 25-10-2019 is Rs.3,700 per quintal at Bangalore market in Karnataka. So, for selling 4 quintals of Horse gram farmer will get a gross amount of Rs.14, 800.

The net profit from 1-acre Horse gram farming

The net income involved in 1 acre Horse gram cultivation is as below

Rs. 14,800 – Rs. 6,314 = Rs. 8,486.

Hence, it can be understood that by cultivating horse gram in one acre farmer will get average net returns of Rs. 8,486.

Conclusion: As horse gram cultivation requiring very low inputs its cultivation provide good returns to the farmers.

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