How to Start Poultry Farming in Uttarakhand: Business Plan, Setup Cost, Profit, and Requirements

Poultry farming is an important agro-based industry in Uttarakhand that plays a vital role in the state’s economy. Poultry farming can be profitable if done carefully with proper planning and management. Backyard poultry farming refers to the rearing of birds like chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc., on a small scale, usually for home consumption or extra income. 

How to Start Poultry Farming in Uttarakhand

How to start Poultry farming in Uttarakhand

Scope of Poultry farming in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is one of the leading producers of eggs in the country. The majority of the eggs produced in Uttarakhand are from backyard poultry farms. Poultry farming is an essential source of livelihood for small and marginal farmers in Uttarakhand as it requires less investment and can be done on a small scale. The demand for chicken meat and eggs is constantly increasing in India due to the growing population and changing food habits. You can profit from your poultry farm if you can produce a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Choose your poultry sector

Two types of poultry farming are Broilers and Layers. Broilers are chickens raised for meat, whereas layers are chickens raised for an egg. First, you must decide which type to opt for, and then there is a business of incubating eggs and raising baby chickens.If you wish to do poultry business in multiple sectors, then you can choose from:

  • Meat Production
  • Egg Production
  • Poultry Feed Production
  • Chicken Breeding (Hatchery)
  • Egg and Meat Processing

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Baby Chickens

The location of your farm is important for several reasons. When choosing a site, you’ll need to consider factors like climate, proximity to markets, access to inputs (like feed and water), and land costs.

Choose the type of poultry bird in Uttarakhand

  • Uttara
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Sussex Chicken
  • Kadaknath Chickens
  • Aseel Chicken

Tips on raising poultry in Uttarakhand

1. Choose the right location: Poultry farming requires a lot of space, so choosing a location with enough land for your chicken coops and other facilities is important. Many chicken coops are available, so do your research and pick the one that best suits your needs.

2. Get the right equipment: To raise poultry successfully, you will need the right equipment. This includes chicken feeders, water bottles, and chicken coops. Make sure to get high-quality equipment that will last long and withstand harsh weather conditions in Uttarakhand.

3. Buy healthy chickens: One of the most important aspects of poultry farming is buying healthy chickens. Make sure to buy birds from reputable breeders who can provide you with healthy chicks. Vaccinating your chickens against common diseases such as Newcastle disease and avian influenza is also important.

4. Create a good environment for your chickens: Chickens need a clean and comfortable environment to thrive. So, ensure their chicken coop is clean and spacious, with plenty of ventilation. 

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Poultry Farm Cage

Poultry production methods in Uttarakhand

  1. Poultry farming in Uttarakhand can be a very profitable business. The most common method of poultry production in Uttarakhand is the free-range system. This allows them to forage for food and exercise, which can help to improve their health and productivity. However, it requires more land than other poultry production methods and can be more difficult to manage.
  2. Another common method is the battery cage system. In this system, birds are confined to small cages where they cannot move around or exercise. However, battery cage systems are less labor-intensive than free-range systems and can be more profitable.

Is poultry farming profitable in Uttarakhand?

Poultry farming is a profitable business in Uttarakhand. The state has a large population of poultry birds used for meat and egg production. The demand for poultry products is high in the state due to the growing population and increasing disposable income levels.

Care and management of poultry farm in Uttarakhand

To start poultry farming in Uttarakhand, you must have a business plan and a proper management strategy. Starting a poultry farm is difficult and requires a lot of hard work. The first thing that you need to do is to choose a suitable location for your poultry farm. The location should have enough space to construct sheds, equipment, and other necessary infrastructure.

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Poultry Farming

Once you have selected the location, the next step is to obtain all the necessary permissions and licenses from the concerned authorities. After that, you must procure good quality baby chickens from a reputable hatchery.  Poultry farming can be a very profitable business venture if it is appropriately managed. 

Steps to create a poultry business plan in the Philippines

  1. The first step to starting a poultry farm is to create a business plan. This plan should include your goals for the farm, your target market, your financial projections, and your marketing strategy. Once you have created your business plan, you can start to look for land and build your poultry houses.
  2. The next step is to choose a suitable location for your poultry farm. The land should be fertile and well-drained with enough water supply. It should also be free from pollution and other hazards.
  3. When choosing the type of bird, you will raise on your farm; it is important to consider the climate in Uttarakhand. The most common birds raised in Uttarakhand are chickens, ducks, and geese. Each of these birds has different housing and feeding requirements, so it is important to do some research before deciding which type of bird is right for your farm.
  4. After selecting the type of bird, you will raise, you need to purchase baby chickens or eggs from a hatchery. You will also need to purchase feeders, waterers, and other supplies for your poultry houses. It is important to buy high-quality feed and housing so your birds will be healthy and productive. Finally, purchase healthy baby chickens from a reputable hatchery or breeder. This will ensure that your flock is free from diseases and grows well.
  5. Once you know what type of poultry farming you want, it’s time to start researching the industry and your potential market. Read books and articles, talk to other farmers, and attend workshops and conferences. This will help you better understand the business and what it takes to succeed.
  6. A good business plan is necessary for any successful business, and poultry farming is no exception. Your poultry business plan includes an industry analysis, your target market, your marketing strategy, your financial projections, and your management structure.
  7. Ensure you get all the necessary permissions and licenses from the concerned authorities before starting your poultry farm. This will save you from any legal hassles later on.

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Poultry Egg Management
  1. Proper infrastructure is essential for any successful poultry farm. Build spacious chicken coops, nesting boxes, feeders, drinkers, etc., to accommodate your birds comfortably.
  2. Take good care of your birds by providing them with clean water, fresh food, and adequate space to move around freely. In addition, keep the environment clean and hygienic to prevent the spread of diseases.
  3. Make sure to build hygienic and spacious chicken coops with proper ventilation. In addition, the coops should be designed in such a way as to minimize the spread of diseases among the birds.
  4. Maintain strict biosecurity measures on your poultry farm to prevent the entry of diseases. Some measures include disinfecting shoes before entering the farm, maintaining separate areas for clean and dirty birds, and not allowing visitors inside the premises unless necessary. In addition, have a regular vaccination schedule for your birds to protect them from common diseases. For example, vaccinate them against Newcastle disease, Infectious Bursal Disease, Avian Influenza, etc.
  5. Provide your birds with a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients required for their growth and development. You can either formulate your feed or buy ready-made feeds from commercial suppliers.

Backyard chicken farming in Uttarakhand

If you are considering starting a poultry farm in Uttarakhand, you must know about backyard chicken farming in Uttarakhand. It is a very popular business opportunity in this state. Its popularity is the low cost of living and the availability of land for farming. Moreover, the climate of Uttarakhand is suitable for raising chickens. So, if you plan to start a poultry business in Uttarakhand, backyard chicken farming can be a great option.

The initial investment for starting a backyard poultry farm in Uttarakhand is Rs. 1-2 lakhs depending on the size of the farm. The cost of setting up a small-scale farm is higher than that of large-scale farms due to economies of scale. The cost includes the purchase of land, construction of a shed, purchase of equipment and birds, etc.

Key rules for starting poultry farm in Uttarakhand

  1. Obtain the necessary licenses and permits from the local authorities.
  2. Create a business plan detailing your bird breeding goals, financial projections, and marketing strategy.
  3. Choose a location for your farm that has access to good-quality water and land resources.
  4. Build appropriate housing for your birds, considering their specific needs and requirements.
  5. Implement proper biosecurity measures on your farm to protect your birds from diseases and pests.

Requirements for poultry farming in Uttarakhand

Firstly, you must obtain a license from the Animal Husbandry Department of Uttarakhand. This license will allow you to breed and sell poultry products in the state. You will also need to register your business with the Registrar of Companies. Next, you will need to find suitable land for your poultry farm. The land should be located near a water source and have good drainage facilities. It should also be large enough to accommodate all the equipment and facilities required for a poultry farm.

Once you have procured the land, you will need to build sheds and other structures. These structures will house the birds and shelter them from the weather. The shed should be spacious enough to allow the birds to move freely. It should also have proper ventilation so that the birds do not suffocate. The next step is to procure the necessary equipment for your poultry farm. This includes incubators, brooding houses, feeders, drinkers, etc. You can buy these from a local supplier or import them from other countries.

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Poultry Birds

Poultry farm set-up cost in Uttarakhand

It will depend on various factors such as the size and type of poultry farm, number of birds to be raised, housing system, equipment & machinery required, and other necessary set-up costs. Setting up a small-scale poultry farm will range from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs. 

Poultry farming challenges in Uttarakhand

  • Poultry farming in Uttarakhand can be rewarding and profitable, but some challenges must be considered.
  • One of the biggest challenges is the climate. Uttarakhand can be quite cold in the winter, making it challenging to keep chickens warm enough to produce eggs. Also, the summer months can be very hot and dry, making it difficult to keep the chickens hydrated and comfortable.
  • Another challenge is access to quality feed. While many poultry farms in Uttarakhand do not have access to quality feed. This can often lead to chickens being underweight or even sick.
  • Another common problem faced by Uttarakhand poultry farmers is a disease. Several diseases can affect chickens, such as Newcastle disease and avian influenza. These diseases can quickly spread through a flock and cause significant losses for a farmer. Vaccination programs can help reduce the risk of disease outbreaks, but they are often costly and not 100% effective.
  • Finally, another challenge that poultry farmers face is theft. Chickens are valuable animals that can often be stolen for their meat or eggs. Therefore, it’s important to protect your flock from thieves.

Poultry farming loans and subsidies in Uttarakhand

To start a poultry farm in Uttarakhand, you need to obtain the necessary licenses from the government. You will also need to create a business plan and raise enough capital to invest in the business. The first step is to obtain the registration certificate from the Animal Husbandry Department of Uttarakhand. Next, you must get an environmental clearance certificate from the State Pollution Control Board.

You can apply for a loan from banks or financial institutions to finance your poultry farm project. Once you have all the required documents and approvals, you can start constructing your poultry farm premises. The state government provides several subsidies and loan schemes to encourage poultry farming. The main subsidies and loan schemes available for poultry farmers in Uttarakhand are:

  1. The National Livestock Mission: This scheme provides financial assistance for constructing poultry farms, purchasing equipment, and training personnel.
  2. The Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi: This scheme provides loans at subsidized interest rates for constructing poultry farms and purchasing equipment.
  3. The Animal Husbandry Department Scheme: This scheme provides financial assistance for constructing poultry farms and purchasing baby chickens and feed.
  4. The Kisan Credit Card Scheme: This scheme provides loans at subsidized interest rates for purchasing baby chickens, feed, and other inputs.

Marketing your poultry product in Uttarakhand

Do easy marketing of poultry products to gain more profit. You can easily sell your poultry products in your nearest local market. Use websites, visiting cards, advertisements, and pamphlets to publicize your products.

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Poultry Feeding System


Poultry farming can be a very profitable business in Uttarakhand if done properly. When starting a poultry farm, there are different factors to consider, like the type of birds you will raise, the amount of space you have available, and the feed and housing costs. It is mostly done in the form of backyard poultry farming by small and marginal farmers.


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