Jamun Cultivation Income (Alla Neredu), Project Report

Introduction: Hello fruit farmers we are back witj cultivation income of Jamun from 1 acre farming. Jamun (Syzygium cumini) belongs to the family Myrtaceae. It is also called as Java plum and Indian blackberry. It is a rich source of Iron. Seeds of these Jamun fruits are used as medicine for patients with diabetes. Powder of Jamun seed will reduce the sugar content in the urine. By having all these useful properties demand for Jamun in the market was increasing.

A step by step guide to Jamun cultivation income, project report

Jamun cultivation is economical in areas with low soil fertility and low water availability. Farmer can bag up to 2 lakh rupees by cultivating Jamun in one acre of land. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Assam are the major Jamun growing states in India. With good agronomical practices around 6 – 8 tonnes of yield can be obtained from one acre of land.

Jamun Farming Project Report.
Jamun Farming Project Report.

Jamun hybrid varieties for commercial cultivation

  • Ra Jamun
  • Narendra Jamun
  • Goma Priyanka
  • Dhoopdal
  • Other Jamun hybrid varities

The cost of cultivation for 1 – acre Jamun cultivation

The cost of land preparation

As Jamun is a perennial crop every aspect of orchard establishment should be done meticulously otherwise it may push the farmers into losses and debts. Preparation of land includes ploughing and leveling the land with the help of farm machinery along with digging of pits. All these operations need to be done with the help of farm machinery towards which we have to pay Rs. 9, 000 as rental and fuel charges.

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The planting material cost

The average cost paid by the cultivator to purchase single seedling of Jamun is Rs. 70 ( Ankur high tech nursery, latur). Generally, if we follow spacing of 7 × 7 m in Jamun we can accommodate around 80 plants in one acre of land. So, for plants, farmers should incur around Rs. 5, 600 averagely.

The cost of planting in one acre

After preparation of land grafted seedlings need to be planted in the pits. One acre Jamun planting can be done with the help of 8 labors. Wages for labor is Rs.200 per day. So, for paying wages to labor employed in planting in costs up to Rs. 1600

Manures and fertilizers cost in one-acre Jamun orchard

It can be grown with a very less amount of fertilizer application. However, better fertilization will increase the yields and returns to the farmers. The average cost involved in one acre Jamun manure and fertilizer application is Rs. 2, 500.

The cost of plant protection measures 

It is very negligible in Jamun cultivation as there is no severe attack of pests and diseases. But in some cases, it may cost around Rs. 1, 600 towards plant protection measures.

The irrigation cost of Jamun field

Irrigation needs to be given through drip irrigation. It may cost around Rs. 20, 000 to install drip in one acre under subsidy and to pay the electricity bill, etc. farmer needs another Rs. 1000 per year.

The inter cultivation cost of Jamun crop

Light inter cultivations should be done whenever it is necessary to maintain orchard in clean condition. To practice these inter cultivations we need to incur another Rs.4200.

The miscellaneous cost of Jamun cultivation

It includes the cost of land revenues, the rental value of land, depreciation costs of various farm machinery, etc. expected miscellaneous in one-acre Jamun orchard is Rs. 3800.   

The cost of harvesting in Jamun cultivation

In Jamun cultivation is harvesting is a somewhat laborious process as the trees are large it makes the harvesting process a little tedious. Harvesting consumes a large number of labor compared to the other farm operations.

The cost of hired human labor

Under this cost, we have included the expenditure made towards paying the labor wages involved in various farm operations like land preparation to harvesting except planting. On an average basis, it requires around 80 human labors in which major numbers were utilized for harvesting the fruits. So, for paying these wages required amount is Rs. 16, 000 ( daily wage per person is Rs. 200).

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The yield from 1 acre Jamun farming in India

Jamun’s commercial yield starts from 3 to 4 after planting. After Jamun trees reaching a commercial bearing stage, from one acre, Jamun field farmer can harvest at least 60 – 80 quintals of fruits from an acre jamun farming.  

The transportation charges

Produce need to be transported to the nearby markets with the help of trucks etc. cost of these transportation charges may vary around Rs. 2, 300

The total cost of 1-acre Jamun farming

The Cost of Cultivation of Jamun.
The Cost of Cultivation of Jamun.

The cost of land preparation in jamun farming    – Rs. 9, 000

The cost of planting material                                – Rs. 5, 600

The cost of planting                                               – Rs. 1600

Manures and fertilizer cost                                   – Rs. 2, 500

The cost of plant protection                                  – Rs. 1, 600

The irrigation cost                                                 –   Rs. 20, 000 + RS. 1, 000

The inter cultivation cost                                      – Rs. 4, 200

Miscellaneous costs                                               – Rs.3, 800

The cost of hired human labor                              – Rs. 16, 000

The cost of transportation                                    – Rs. 2, 300

The cost of 1 acre Jamun farming                        – Rs. 67, 600

Extra 10% of the total cost                                  – Rs. 6, 760 

The total cost of 1 acre Jamun farming – Rs. 74, 360.

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The total cost incurred in 1-acre Jamun cultivation

It includes costs incurred from land preparation to harvesting in a one-acre Jamun field. On the average total cost of cultivation involved in one acre, Jamun cultivation is Rs.74, 360 Cost involved in the cultivation of one acre Jamun may vary from the above-mentioned cost depending upon various factors like pest and disease incidence, rainfall, irrigation, and weed incidence, etc. 

The total income from 1-acre Jamun cultivation

During the season of peak demand, farmers will get up to Rs. 100 to Rs. 150 per kg jamun. In a general scenario, the farmer will get at least Rs. 40 per kilogram of fruits. So, by marketing 70 quintals of produce farmer will receive a gross amount of Rs. 3, 50, 000

The net income involved in 1 acre Jamun cultivation is

Rs. 2, 80, 000 – Rs. 74, 360 = Rs. 2, 05, 640

So, net profit in one acre Jamun orchard is Rs. 2, 75, 640 after 3 to 5 years of starting the jamun plantation farming. 

The conclusion of 1 acre jamun cultivation in India

From the above, we can understand that Jamun cultivation was filled with pocketful of returns with little maintenance. With an initial investment, less than one lakh farmer can earn up to 2 lakhs in one acre land per year. Hence its cultivation is highly profitable in low fertile soils with fewer irrigation facilities. Thank you folks for reading our economics of jamun farming in India article.

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