Mango Cultivation Income, Project report, Yield, Profits

Introduction: Hello fruit farmers, we are back with an excellent infromation of  mango cultivation income, project report, yield per acre, profits per acre and cost of cultivation of mango farming. Mango (Mangifera indica) belongs to the family Anacardiaceae. It is also called as king of fruits. Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Karnataka, Assam, and Andhra Pradesh are the major Mango grown states in India. It is a good and rich source of Vitamin – A and Vitamin – C. Mango orchard can be grown comparatively with low maintenance costs. Mango fruit can be used both at immature and mature stages depending upon the purpose.

Mango Orchard.
Mango Orchard.

A guide to mango cultivation income, project report, yield 

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The cost of cultivation for 1-acre Mango cultivation

The Cost of Cultivation of Mango.
The Cost of Cultivation of Mango.

The capital cost:

The cost incurred towards development of land are discussed below:-

The cost of land leveling and preparation

Prior to the planting first step in the mango orchard establishment are we need to plough and level the land. Ploughing and leveling one-acre land to establish mango orchard may require around Rs. 5000 as hiring and fuel charges of the machinery.

The fencing and gate cost per one acre

Fencing and gate are necessary for every orchard to protect the crop from trespassing and for preventing the robberies of farm machinery. So, to establish fence and gate for the one-acre land farmer has to bear an amount of Rs.16, 000 in which Rs.14, 000 was allotted for fencing around the orchard and remaining Rs.2, 000 is allocated to purchase gate.

The cost of bore well

We need at least one bore well to maintain a one-acre mango orchard. Farmer needs to spend around Rs. 25, 000 to establish one bore well.

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The cost for drip installation

Nowadays as micro-irrigation methods gaining popularity over flooding due to increased yields and reduced water loss, ease of operation, etc. so, to install drip for one-acre mango orchard we need around Rs. 10, 000.

The cost of infrastructure

It comprises of the cost incurred towards the construction of labor room, godowns, etc. to develop  infrastructure in one-acre mango orchard required amount of money is Rs. 30, 000

The cost of farm implements

To purchase farm implements which are necessary to carry out the intercultural operation and to prepare bunds etc farmer should spend at least Rs. 10, 000 during the year of establishment of the orchard.

Working capital for one-acre mango orchard are given below

The Working Capital of Mango Farm.
The Working Capital of Mango Farm.
The cost of planting material

We can get planting material in all ranges of price but however, it depends upon the quality of the material. By spending around Rs.50 per seedling we can get good quality planting material. So, normally by following a spacing of 10 x 10, we can accommodate around 40 plants in one acre of land. Then the cost of planting material may reach up to Rs.2000. It is better to procure some extra seedlings for further transplantation in case of seedlings fail to normal. So, better to keep extra 5 seedlings per acre land for these extra seedlings it will cost Rs. 250.

The manures and fertilizers cost

Proper fertilization always yields good returns. So, to fertilize the plants in the orchard to the required level it will cost Rs. 5000 per one acre of mango orchard.

The cost of plant protection measures

It the same way to get the desired output we have to control all the pests and diseases in an effective manner. So, for carrying out all these plant protection measure farmers need to incur another Rs. 4000 to purchase chemicals and to pay the labor wages etc.

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The manpower cost

In various farm operations we need manpower it may be female or male. In this cost, we have also included the cost of family labor. In a year to maintain a one-acre mango orchard properly, we may need to employ around 50 labors which will cost around Rs. 10,000.

Electricity charges

In orchards, we need a regular electricity supply to carry out various operations like irrigation, etc. at regular timings.  So, on average electricity charges may reach up to Rs.3, 000.

The cost of intercropping

Money incurred towards intercropping in one-acre mango orchard will be around Rs. 4, 800 averagely.

Miscellaneous cost

In one acre mango orchard miscellaneous cost may reach up to Rs.2, 200.

The yield per acre in mango orchard cultivation

Mango crop will start commercial bearing after 4 -5 years of establishment. So, we can bag returns from 5 th year onwards in mango cultivation as commercial yield start after 5 years. On average we can get around 7 tonnes of yield from one-acre mango orchard depending upon spacing adopted, climatic conditions, etc.

The Yield of Mango per Acre.
The Yield of Mango per Acre.

The total cost of 1-acre Mango farming

The capital cost:

Cost of Land leveling and preparation  Rs. 5, 000

Cost of bore well                                    Rs. 25, 000

Cost for drip installation                        Rs. 10, 000

Cost of infrastructure                             Rs. 30, 000

Farm implements                                    Rs. 10, 000

The total  cost (A)                                   Rs. 80, 000

Capital cost for establishment of one acre mango cultivation is Rs. 80, 000.

The working capital for one acre mango orchard

The cost of planting material                –  Rs. 2, 250

The manures and fertilizers cost          –  Rs. 5, 000

The cost of plant protection measures     –  Rs. 4, 000

The man power cost                              –  Rs. 10, 000

Electricity charges                                   Rs.  3, 000

The cost of intercropping                      –  Rs.  4, 800

Miscellaneous cost                                –  Rs. 2, 200

The total cost (B)                                  –  Rs. 31, 250

Total (A + B)                                         –  Rs. 1, 11, 250

Extra 10% of the total cost                 – Rs. 11, 125

The total cost of 1 acre Mango farming   – Rs. 1, 12, 375

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The total cost incurred in 1-acre Mango cultivation in first year

The Total Cost of Mango Farming.
The Total Cost of Mango Farming.

It contains costs incurred from land preparation to harvesting in a one-acre Mango field. On the average total cost of cultivation involved in one acre, Mango cultivation in the first year of establishment is Rs. 1, 12, 250.  Cost involved in the cultivation of one acre Mango may vary from the above-mentioned cost depending upon various factors like pest and disease incidence and weed incidence etc.

The total income from 1-acre Mango cultivation

In mango commercial yield starts from 4 – 5 years after planting so, here we are  taking 5 th into the consideration to calculate profits. In the initial years, we can supplement the maintenance cost with returns obtained from intercrops. At Chandrapur fruit market, Maharashtra Mango was sold at an average price of Rs. 4, 000 per quintal dated on 31- 07- 2019. During the season also it can be sold at a minimum price of Rs. 3, 000 per quintal. So, for selling 5 tonnes the farmer will get

Rs. 50 x 3, 000 = 1, 50, 000.

The net profit from 1-acre Mango farming

The net income involved in 1 acre Mango cultivation is in 5 th year is:

The net income = gross returns – maintenance cost

Rs.1, 50, 000  – Rs. 31, 250 = Rs. 1, 18, 750

So, net profit in cultivation of one acre Mango field is Rs. 1, 18, 750.

The conclusion in 1 acre mango cultivation

The Conclusion of Mango Cultivation Income.
The Conclusion of Mango Cultivation Income.

So, after 5 -year farmer can get a lump sum amount which is near around above one lakh from one acre mango orchard with good maintenance.

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  3. Hello Jagdish,
    Excellent article on mango cultivation cost and profit analysis. But here’s a quick question: your cost estimates seem too low from my experience. For instance, labour cost is @ Rs.350 for male and Rs.250 for female per day plus to and fro transport costs from their village to the farm. Similarly, wire mesh fencing cost is way above what you have estimated. your costing also does not factor in cost of money if the project is rolled out with bank financing.
    In this scenario how does one fit the cost to benefit ratio for mango cultivation? Do you still think this can be a profitable venture, especially in retirement?

  4. hello, sir! this is a good project that I interested to do in the future can you help me how develop my own project proposal?

  5. Now it’s flowering in my mango 100 pl lants in 1.75 acre. I have used dap fertiliser for 50 plants last month .now another 50 plants which was water logged for 3 months now dried , can I apply now


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