Onion Cultivation Income, Project Report, Yield, Profits

Onion cultivation income in India, profits in 1 acre onion farming

Onion is famous for its pungency. It is one of the most famous vegetable crop grown in India. India is the second largest producer of onion followed by China in the world and the major exporter across the globe. Onion exports among the vegetable crops that earned huge revenue to the nation and foreign exchange too. The area under onion farming in India is 1258000 ha, whereas the productivity is 18.3 MT//ha. In India, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana are the major onion growing states in India. The number of farmer growing onion varies from state to state in India. Onion cultivation in India is done in three respective seasons viz., Rabi in September and October, whereas Kharif in the months of June – July and summer crop during January and February. However, in this post we will let you know the cost, income returns and profits from 1 acre rabi onion cultivation. We have already given all the information about guide to start onion farming in India.

In Rabi, onion cultivation is started in the month of September – October. The seed rate of onion is 3 to 4 kg / acre. The farmer can expect a yield of 120 to 140 q/acre or 12 t to 14 t/ acre in 120 to 150 days after sowing. The average selling price of onion is Rs. 18 per kg as on 16.08.2019. Let us go brief about 1 acre onion farming profits in India.

Onion Farming in 1 Acre.
Onion Cultivation Project.

Onion seed varieties lists

  • Bellari red
  • Rampur red
  • Nashik red
  • Arkanikethan
  • Agri-found red
  • Pusa red onion
  • Arka kalian
  • Arka Pragati
  • Kalyanpur red round
  • N 53
  • Agri-found lite red onion
  • Other hybrid onion varieties

Cost of 1 acre Onion cultivation

Cost of seeds:

The cost of high yielding good quality onion seeds is Rs. 1500 per kg. However, the price may change from company to company and region to region. We have given an average approximate onion seed price per kg. We require 4 kg onion seed to sow on 250 sq. mt nursery bed sufficient to transplant over 1 acre area. Therefore, the total cost of 4 kg onion seed to sow 1 acre area is Rs. 6,000.

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Cost of land preparation:

The land preparation in onion include deep ploughing, roguing  nursery seed bed preparation and land preparation. All these activities is done in 3 to 4 day where we require 2 labors each day. Therefore, the cost is Rs. 2,000 for land preparation.

Cost of transplanting:

Transplanting is done in a single day either early in the morning or in evening after 4 PM. We require 4 labors to transplant 1 acre onion seedlings. The labor cost is Rs. 2,000 for transplanting.

Weeding cost in 1 acre onion farming:

The crop duration of onion crop is 3 to 4month or 130 to 150 days. Weeding is done once in fortnight intervals. It means we require 2 labors for every fifteen days. Therefore, the labor cost for weed and intercultural operations is Rs. 3,000.

Pesticides and Fertilizers cost in 1 acre onion cultivation:

Onion crop plants are susceptible to various disease pests rather than insect pests. We have sprayed the pesticides at regular intervals on the first day of insect pest or disease incidence. However, before, sowing seed treatment is done with 3 gm captan/ thiaram/ COC (Copper Oxy Chloride). Onion fertilizer dosage is 40: 20: 40 kg/acre. In addition you can also go for application of bio fertilizers like Azotobacter and PSB (Phosphur Solubilizing Bacteria). The total cost of pesticides and these fertilizers incurs about Rs. 5,000 per acre.

Cost of miscellaneous activities:

Miscellaneous activities include fertilizer application, irrigation activities, packaging material cost, rental cost of agriculture input machinery and other farm activities. On an average, the miscellaneous activities cost in 1 acre onion farming is around Rs. 10,000.

Cost of harvesting, packaging and transportation:

Harvesting is done after noticing the signs of maturity and completion of crop duration. Harvesting in 1 acre onion farm is mostly done in a single day. Harvesting requires 6 labors which costs Rs. 1,500. Whereas packaging is done after grading the onions into 3 grades based on the size, shape and quality. Packaging costs include the raw materials cost which incur Rs. 3,000. Whereas, transportation costs may or may not incur as it is sold mostly in the farm itself or transportation may incur around Rs. 1,000 to transport the produce at the nearest market.

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Total Cost of 1 acre onion farming

Cost of seeds: Rs. 6,000

Cost of land preparation: Rs. 2,000

Cost of transplanting: Rs. 2,000

Weeding cost in 1 acre onion farming: Rs. 3,000

Pesticides and Fertilizers cost in 1 acre onion cultivation: Rs. 5,000

Cost of miscellaneous activities:  Rs. 10,000

Cost of harvesting, packaging and transportation: Rs. 5,500

Total Cost incurred in 1 acre onion farming:  Rs. 33,500

            In addition we have to add 10% of total cost. Therefore, the total cost of 1 acre onion farming is Rs. 36,850 approximately which may vary from region to region.

Income returns in 1 acre onion farming:

From 1 acre onion farm, the farmer can get an yield of 130 qt from 1 acre area. The selling price of onions in the market is Rs. 1600 per quintal approximately as on 16.08.2019. Therefore, from 130 qt. the farmer can get Rs. 2,08,000 or 2.08 lakh in 4 to 5 months.

Net profit from 1 acre onion farming

It is the difference of total cost and income return from 1 acre onion farming or onion cultivation. Then, it is Rs. 2,08,000 – Rs. 36,850 = Rs. 1,71,150.

Therefore, the farmer can earn up to Rs. 1.7 lakh from 1 acre onion cultivation in 5 months. However, it may vary to a little extent only.

Conclusion: This is all about 1 acre onion farm costs, income returns and profits. If you have any doubts or queries, comment below. That’s all folks about onion cultivation income, yield from 1 acre plantation. Keep growing onions fro profits.

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  1. market price of onions is about Rs 15 / kg in bangalore as of the moment. How much does the farmer get of this market price – maybe 30 percent ?

    • Hello, the onion price will change place to place and time to time, the price quoted in the report as of the date in the standard vegetable market. The price is for when the farmer sells directly in the market not selling at farm gate.


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