Sorghum Cultivation Income (Jowar), Yield, Project Report

Introduction: Hello farmers, we are here with good information about Sorghum cultivation income (Jowar), yield per acre, and cost of cultivation. Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) is the fifth most important cereal crop in the world belongs to the family Poaceae. It will grow up to a height of 4 m. The size of the grain ranges from 2-4 mm. Sorghum roots can grow up to a depth of 2 meters depending on the soil and water available to the crop. It is used as livestock feed and also used in ethanol production.

A guide to Sorghum cultivation income, yield, & profits

It can be grown in relatively drier regions compared to most of the agricultural crops. Apart from drought tolerant it is also heat tolerant. Wild species of sorghum contains toxic compounds like HCN which is harmful to animals when they consume it.

List of Sorghum Varieties & Hybrid

    • CSV 14R
    • CSV 216R (Phule Yashoda),
    • CSV 18 (SPV 1595)
    • M 35-1.
    • CSH 15R
    • CSH 19R
    • CO 30
    • BSR 1
    • Paiyur 2
    • CO 5
    • APK 1 

Cost of cultivation for 1 acre Sorghum cultivation

Sorghum Farming Project Report.
Sorghum Farming Project Report.
Land preparation cost in Sorghum farming

Sorghum does not require fine tilth. Plough the field once or twice with the help of plough. Practicing tillage will reduce the weed growth by burying the seeds deep inside and killing the germinating weeds which in turn reduce the cost of weeding.  As ploughing can be done with help of country plough it requires Rs. 1300 for land preparation. 

The seed rate of Sorghum crop

Plant population decides the growth and final yield of the crop. About 3 kilograms of seed is needed to sow in one acre of land. The thinning operation should be practiced in directly sown crop. Good quality seed material for sowing in one acre land costs around Rs. 400. 

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Sowing cost of Jowar

Generally, sowing was adopted during the onset of monsoon, but in black cotton soils dry sowing before one week of onset of monsoon can also be practiced. Sowing can be done with the help of 2 human labor, which needs Rs. 500 on an average. 

Fertilizers cost and management

Apply 3-4 tonnes of farmyard manure during the last ploughing. It is beneficial to apply bio fertilizer to increase the yield and to reduce the cost of the chemical fertilizer. The recommended dose of NPK is 100:150:25 kg per acre under irrigated conditions during rabi. Cost incurred by the farmer in fertilization of one acre sorghum field is Rs. 2,100, in which Rs. 1,000 for farmyard manure and Rs. 1,100 for inorganic fertilizers. 

The cost of intercultural operations

Field should be kept free from weeds to avoid yield losses. Deep summer ploughing destroys the weeds. To keep the crop weed free 2 weedings along with 1 hoeing up to 3 weeks after sowing is necessary. For better weed control spraying of atrazine at 0. 2 kilograms per acre within 3 weeks of sowing followed by one hand weeding is recommended. Cost of chemicals for weeding is Rs.400. While, manual weeding requires around 4 labors averagely, then cost of manual weeding will be Rs. 800. 

Sorghum plant protection measures

Shoot fly and stem borer are the major insect pests of sorghum. Spraying of Cypermethrin 10 EC @ 0.02% is advisable to control shoot fly and application of carbofuran granules at 4-5 kg per acre controls stem borer attack.

Coming to the diseases grey mold and charcoal rot are the major diseases in sorghum. To control grey mold spray Dithane M 45 – 0.2 % + Bavistin 0.2 % twice at 10 days interval after starting of flowering and growing resistant varieties , soil application of Thiram @ 0.2 kg per acre during sowing controls charcoal rot. On an average, it costs around Rs. 1,750 for plant protection measures. 

Miscellaneous activities

It includes cost of family labor, rent of land, interest over capital, depreciation cost of farm machinery and electricity charges, etc. Cost for all these may extend up to Rs. 1,600 averagely.  

Harvesting and threshing of Sorghum crop:

Crop is ready for harvesting after 65-75 days after sowing depending upon the variety. The crop should be harvested at proper stage to avoid grey mold damage. Harvesting operation needs around Rs. 850 for labor etc. and for threshing farmer need to incur up to Rs. 500. 

Transportation: For marketing, the produce farmer need to transport the produce with help of tractor or truck, etc. So, cost of transportation will be around Rs. 350. 

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Total cost of 1-acre Sorghum farming

Cost of seed material  –  Rs. 400

Cost of land preparation  –  Rs. 1300

Cost of sowing –  Rs. 500

Cost of weeding –  Rs. 400+800

Cost of Plant protection –  Rs. 1750

Fertilizer cost –  Rs. 2100

Cost of miscellaneous activities –  Rs. 1600

Cost of harvesting and threshing –  Rs. 850+ 500

Cost of transportation –  Rs. 350 

Cost of 1 acre Sorghum farming  –  Rs.  10,550

Extra 10% of total cost  –  Rs. 1055

Total cost of 1 acre Sorghum farming – Rs. 11,605 

The total cost incurred in 1 acre Sorghum cultivation

On an average farmer has to spend Rs. 11,605 to cultivate sorghum in one acre. There might be little differences in the total cost of cultivation from cost mentioned above depending upon various factors. 

Total income from 1 acre Sorghum cultivation:

The minimum support price for Sorghum for the year 2018-19 is Rs. 2550. We can get 12 quintals of yield per acre on an average basis. Then total returns will be Rs. 30,600.

Net profit from 1 acre Sorghum farming

Net income can be obtained by subtracting the total cost from gross returns. Then net income from 1 acre sorghum cultivation is

Rs. 30,600 – Rs. 11,605= Rs. 18,995

So, the farmer can get net profit of Rs.18, 995 by cultivating Sorghum in one acre land. There might be little fluctuations in net income depending upon various factors.

Conclusion: In areas with drought and high temperature by cultivating sorghum in 1 acre farmer can get Rs. 18,995, which was a very good remunerative amount in such type of soils. This is all about 1 acre sorghum farming profit guide. Comment below, if you have any queries.

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