Soybean Cultivation Income, Project Report

Introduction: Hello farmers today we are back with a great information of soybean cultivation income, yield, hybrid varieties, net profit from 1 acre soybean farming.   Soybean is one of the most important pulse and oil seed crop grown around the world. Area under cultivation of Soya bean on India is around 110 lakhs hectares. Average productivity of Soybean in India is 13.5 quintals per acre.

A guide to soybean cultivation income, project report, yield

In India Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh states are popular for Soya bean cultivation. By using high yielding varieties we can increase the productivity.  Crop duration of Soybean is around 4 months. Soya bean cultivation is possible in all seasons but Kharif crop will give higher yields compared to the other season crops.            Recommended seed rate in soybean is 25 – 35 kilo grams per acre. Average yield we can get from one acre soybean field is around 10 – 14 quintals. In the recent days quintal soybean fetching Rs. 3000 –  4000 in market.

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A Guide to Soyabean Farming Income.
A Guide to Soyabean Farming Income.

Soybean hybrid varieties

  • S – 335
  • Ahilya -2
  • Pusa – 16
  • PK -472
  • Ahilya -1
  • Ahilya -3
  • S. B – 22
  • S. B – 18
  • S – 93 – 05
  • Other Soyabean hybrid varities

The cost of cultivation for 1-acre Soybean cultivation

The cost of land preparation in 1 acre soyabean cultivation

To cultivate Soybean in one acre land need to be ploughed thoroughly to get a fine tilth. To plough one acre land farmer has to bare the rental charges of Rs. 1600. Before sowing land should be kept free from weeds and debris of previous season. To remove weeds and previous crop residues we need at least 2 labors. So, cost of labors will be around Rs. 400. Daily wage for labor is Rs. 200 per head.

The cost of seed material for 1 acre soybean cultivation

It requires around 25 – 35 kilo grams of seeds to cultivate Soybean in one acre. However, seed rate depends on method of sowing and size of seed etc. cost of one kilo gram seed material of Soybean is Rs.55. So, to purchase 30 kilo grams of seeds we need to spend Rs.1500.

The cost of soyabean sowing

Sowing of Soybean can be done with the help of bullock driven country plough or with the help of seed drill (in case of large scale cultivation). To operate plough we need one men labor. Cost of men labor is Rs. 300 per head. Along with one men labor we need 2 more human labor to sow the seeds behind the plough towards which farmer need to incur Rs. 400.

The cost of fertilizers and manures

Soybean requires 12: 24: 16 kilo grams of nitrogen, phosphorous and potash per acre. To apply all these fertilizers it costs up to Rs. 1000. Along with these chemical fertilizers application organic fertilizers like farmyard manure or vermi compost etc. will increase the yield. To apply these organic fertilizers it may cost up to Rs. 1900.

The cost of weeding

Cultivate the soil lightly after 25 days after sowing it need around Rs.500 and also manual weeding requires around 4 labors which may cost up to Rs. 800 apart from this weed control requires some chemical sprays like prophinophase, fluchloralin etc. cost of these chemical sprays vary around Rs. 750 in which Rs. 550 spent towards chemical and remaining Rs. 200 paid as labor wage.

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The cost of plant protection measures
The Cost of Soyabean Plant Protection.
The Cost of Soyabean Plant Protection.

Gram pod borer, thrips, stem fly, soybean aphid, jassids, alternaria leaf spot, pod bight, soybean mosaic and frog eye leaf spot are the major pest and diseases of soybean crop. Farmer needs an amount of Rs.1780 to carry out all this plant protection measures to mitigate the yield losses caused by various pest and diseases.

The cost of miscellaneous activities in 1 acre soybean farming

It includes the cost of electricity, interest over capital, rent over land, irrigation cost etc. all these miscellaneous activities requires an average amount of Rs. 1590.

The cost of harvesting

Soybean comes to harvesting within 4 months of sowing. One acre soybean field can be harvested with the help of 3 – 4 labor. So, harvesting cost will be around Rs.700 averagely.

The cost of drying and threshing

After harvesting produce is allowed to dry and threshed with the help of tractor.  Rental charges paid for the tractor is Rs. 550. After threshing produce is winnowed with the help of electrically  operated fan. To carry out winnowing and cleaning operations farmer need to spend Rs.600.

The yield from 1 acre soybean farming in India

By using high yielding verities and adopting proper management practices we can get yields up to 10 – 14 quintals per acre. There might be little differences in yields depending upon various factors like variety used, pest and diseases incidence etc.

The cost of transportation

Farmer requires additional amount of Rs.340 to pay transportation charges.

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The total cost of 1-acre soybean farming

The Total Cost of Soyabean Cultivation.
The Total Cost of Soyabean Cultivation.

The cost of land preparation       –   Rs.  1600 + Rs. 400

The cost of seed material           –   Rs.  1500

The cost of sowing                     –   Rs.  300 + Rs. 400

The fertilizer cost                       –   Rs. 1000 + Rs. 1900

The cost of weeding                   –   Rs.  500 + Rs. 800 + Rs. 750

The cost of plant protection        –   Rs.  1780

The cost of miscellaneous activities –   Rs. 1590

The cost of harvesting         –   Rs. 700

The cost of drying and threshing     –    Rs. 550 + Rs. 600

The cost of transportation         –   Rs. 340

The cost of 1 acre soybean farming   – Rs.  14, 610

Extra 10% of the total cost         – Rs.1, 461

The total cost of 1 acre soybean farming    – Rs.16, 071

The total cost incurred in 1-acre soybean cultivation

On an average total cost of cultivation involved in one acre Soybean cultivation is Rs.16, 071. Cost involved in cultivation of Soybean may vary from above mentioned cost depending upon various factors like pest and disease incidence and weed incidence etc.

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The total income from 1-acre soybean cultivation

Market price for Soybean dated on 10-10-2019 is Rs.3, 525 per quintal at Nizamabad market center in Telangana. So, for selling 10 quintals of Soybean farmer will get a gross amount of Rs.35, 250.

The net profit from 1-acre soybean farming

Cultivation Income of Soyabean.
Cultivation Income of Soyabean.

The net income involved in 1 acre Soybean cultivation is as below

Rs.35, 250– Rs.16, 071 = Rs.19, 179

By cultivating Soybean in one acre of land farmer will get average net returns of Rs.19, 179.

Conclusion:Soybean crop can be grown as inter crop and demand for soybean is increasing day by day around the world. So, by cultivating soybean farmer can bag good returns.

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  4. Dear Sir,
    Very good project report but depreciation cost of fixed asset and supervision cost is not taken in to consideration. Cost of 30 kg soybean seed at the rate of Rs 55/kg is Rs 1655 and not Rs 1500/- as mentioned.
    Average yield per acre is 5.5 quintal per acre and may be raised to 7 quintal/acre easily if soil, irrigation and weather conditions favour. Yield of 10 quintal/acres is not so common.

  5. if you are applying irrigation through drip, then you can achieve 11-12 q /acre of production of soyabean

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