Turmeric Cultivation Income, Project Report, Yield, Profits

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Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) is also known as Indian saffron belongs to the family Zingiberaceae is an important spice crop in India. The increasing demand for natural products as food additives made turmeric as an ideal as a food colorant. A particular type of starch is also being extracted from a particular type of turmeric.

A guide to turmeric cultivation income, project report, yield

Turmeric crop will be ready for harvesting within 7 – 9 months after sowing. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam, Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Odessa are the major turmeric growing states in India.

Turmeric Field.
Turmeric Field.

Turmeric hybrid varities for commercial cultivation

  • Alleppey
  • Erode
  • Salem
  • Roma
  • Suguna
  • Sudarsana
  • Sangli
  • Pragathi
  • Prathiba
  • Prabha
  • Kedaram

The cost of cultivation for 1-acre Turmeric cultivation

The seed material cost

Expenditure incurred towards purchasing rhizomes for the purpose of seed material is included in this cost. Prevailing cost in the market is taken into consideration. It includes the cost of rhizomes along with transportation cost which is around Rs. 8000 per acre.

The manures and chemical fertilizers cost

Turmeric highly responsive to the manures and fertilizer application. So, for getting good yields manures and fertilizers need to be applied at timely intervals. The actual money paid by the farmers towards fertilizer and manures was added in this cost. It is around           Rs. 6, 300.

The irrigation cost

In this cost, the minimum expenditure incurred towards the consumption of electricity in the motor pump set, etc. was calculated and added under this cost. On average cost of this irrigation cost may vary around Rs. 1892.

The plant protection measures cost

Farmer needs to control all pests and diseases effectively for getting high returns. The cost of these plant protection measures in one acre turmeric field is Rs.1366.

The land lease per acre turmeric cultivation

The existing rental value of land is considered in the case of owned lands. Whereas, for leased lands, the actual rent paid was taken into consideration. Average rental value of one-acre land is  Rs. 5, 000 per acre.

The depreciation cost in 1 acre turmeric cultivation

Depreciation was computed for structures like pump set, farming shed and other farm implements etc. and included under this category. The cost of depreciation is Rs. 2,300.

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The interest on working capital

Interest rate was charged at the rate of 8.5 percent as working capital, which is an ongoing rate charged by the co-operative bank for short-term crop loans which are Rs.1321.

Harvesting of 1 acre turmeric crop

We can harvest the turmeric after 7 – 9 months after planting depending upon type of variety, short duration verities will be ready to harvest within 7 months after sowing . Harvesting was done by ploughing the land where exposed rhizomes were collected with the help of human labor.

The cost of boiling of rhizomes

The actual amount paid by the farmers towards the boiling of rhizomes was calculated and included in this cost. The cost of boiling will be around Rs. 1733.

The drying cost

The boiled produce need to be dried under the sun for 10 to 15 days until they become dry and hard. The actual amount paid by the farmers for drying rhizomes is Rs. 215.

The polishing expenditure

The yellow color of turmeric is very important to get a higher price for turmeric in the market. So polishing of turmeric is an important operation in turmeric post-harvest handling. Money incurred by the farmer for polishing is Rs.  550.

The cost of Packing & transportation

The actual expenditure incurred by the farmers for packing transportation was included under this cost. In one-acre turmeric cultivation, it will be around Rs. 815.

The cost of human labor in 1 acre turmeric framing in India

It is measured in man-days, where 8 working hours in a day is considered as one man day. All man-days worked by family labor along with hired labor is counted. Existing labor costs for the workers whoever working in the turmeric field is Rs.200. Labor employed for preparation of land, forming ridges, furrows, hoeing, weeding planting of rhizomes, earthing up and harvesting. On an average 50 man-days are required in a one-acre turmeric field for carrying out all the above operations which cost around Rs.10, 000.

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The yield from 1 acre turmeric cultivation
The Yield of Turmeric.
The Yield of Turmeric.

An average yield farmer can obtain from one-acre turmeric field is 10 to 12 quintals. However, by using improved types and adopting good management practices we can get yields up to 18 quintals of dried rhizomes per acre.

The total cost of 1-acre Turmeric farming

The cost of seed material                –  Rs. 8, 000

Manures and fertilizer cost      – Rs. 6, 300

The irrigation cost                          –  Rs. 1892

The cost of plant protection           –  Rs. 1366

The rental/lease value of land                 –  Rs. 5, 000

The depreciation cost                     –  Rs. 2, 300

The interest on working capital    –  Rs. 1, 321

The cost of boiling                         –  Rs. 1733

The cost of drying                          –  Rs. 215

The polishing cost                          –  Rs. 550

The cost of packing and transportation     –  Rs. 815

The cost of human labor               –  Rs. 10, 000

The cost of 1-acre Turmeric farming    – Rs. 39, 492

Extra 10% of the total cost   – Rs. 3, 949

The total cost of 1-acre Turmeric farming  – Rs. 43, 441.

The total cost incurred in 1 – acre turmeric cultivation

It contains costs incurred from land preparation to harvesting and marketing in a one-acre Turmeric field. On the average total cost of cultivation involved in one acre, Turmeric cultivation is Rs.43, 441.  Cost involved in the cultivation of one-acre Turmeric may vary from the above-mentioned cost depending upon various factors like pest and disease incidence, the variety used, agronomic practices adopted and weed incidence, etc.

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The total income from 1-acre turmeric cultivation:

At the  Nizamabad market yard, Telangana quintal Turmeric was sold at an average price of  Rs. 5625 per quintals dated on 16- 12- 2019. So, for selling 18 quintals the farmer will get Rs. 1, 01, 250. The net profit from 1-acre Turmeric farming:

The net income involved in 1-acre Turmeric cultivation is:

Rs. 1, 01, 250 – Rs. 43, 441= Rs. 57, 809

So, net profit in one acre Turmeric field is Rs. 57, 809.

The conclusion of 1 acre turmeric farming

Here, it is pretty clear that turmeric cultivation in one acre will bring net returns of near around sixty thousand rupees and with improved verities and intensive care farmers can get extra yields compared to the above-mentioned yield.

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  1. you say average produce is 10 to 12 quantals. but you are pricing of 1800kg. which bulk up the income on false figure. dont fob like politicians sir be honest.

  2. Hello, could you provide the economics with 2020 rates?
    I am in Goa and labour here is 600/day of 7 hours. I just got to know cost of seed is 85/kg so Rs. 85,000 per acre.

  3. It’s super global market nowdays, wake up farmers market turmeric price is Rs 160-300 per kg and if ur selling it globally it can b Rs500-1000, what left after drying and polishing just grinding and packing Do it and earn Rs800,000-1000,000 per acre can b more

  4. I have tested Haldi crop as Pilot project in 500 yards (1/8 Acre Land), nicely loaded with cow dung and got an encouraging crop of 600 KG Green (haldi) (6 quintals) and selling the same in local market as Green without drying that. Look lucrative.


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