6 Best Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries in Karnataka: Sapling Suppliers of Hybrid and High Yield Fruit

Welcome to a comprehensive guide highlighting Karnataka’s top 15 grafted fruit plant nurseries, your gateway to cultivating hybrid and high-yield fruit varieties. For those seeking to embark on a fruitful journey in horticulture, these nurseries are reliable sources of expertise and quality saplings. Through the art of grafting, these nurseries offer diverse fruit trees that combine the best traits, enabling efficient growth and bountiful harvests.

grafted avocado fruit plants in a nursery

What are Grafted Fruit Plants?

Grafted fruit plants are like nature’s ingenious science experiment, blending different fruit tree parts to create a new and stronger plant. Think of it as fruit tree teamwork! One part, called the “scion,” comes from a tree with delicious fruit you want to reproduce. The other part, called the “rootstock,” provides sturdy roots and resilience. Skilled gardeners perform the grafting magic by connecting these parts, allowing them to merge and grow as one amazing tree.

This process isn’t just about mixing flavors; it’s a survival strategy! Grafting grants benefits like faster growth, disease resistance, and adapting to diverse environments. It’s like crafting a super-plant that can withstand challenges. Imagine biting into a juicy hybrid apple that owes its existence to the grafting collaboration of different apple varieties. 

Choosing the Right Nursery for Grafted Fruit Plants

  • Know Your Needs: Identify the fruit plants you desire before setting out. Different nurseries specialize in various fruits, so match your wish list with their expertise.
  • Location Matters: A nearby nursery is a treasure. It means the plants are acclimatized to the local environment, giving them a head start in your garden.
  • Reputation Speaks: Ask around or research online to learn about a nursery’s reputation. Reputable nurseries usually offer quality plants and helpful advice.
  • Check Plant Health: Observe the plants. Look for vibrant leaves, well-formed branches, and no visible pests or diseases. Healthy plants have a higher chance of thriving.
  • Rootstock Matters: Understand the rootstock used in grafting. Rootstock affects plant size, disease resistance, and adaptability. Ensure it aligns with your garden’s needs.
  • Ask About Grafting Techniques: Different grafting methods exist. Inquire about the techniques used by the nursery. Skillful grafting ensures successful growth.
  • Varietal Recommendations: Trustworthy nurseries recommend graft combinations suited to your region’s climate and soil conditions.
  • Assistance and Knowledge: Friendly staff who willingly share their knowledge can be a boon for beginners. They guide you from planting to maintenance.
  • Visit in Person: Physically visiting a nursery lets you evaluate firsthand. You’ll see the plant variety, ask questions, and assess the environment.
  • Pricing Transparency: Understand the costs involved. Transparent pricing helps you make informed decisions without hidden surprises.
  • Customer Reviews: Online reviews offer insights from other customers. However, consider a mix of reviews, as individual experiences can vary.
  • Guarantee Policies: Nurseries with guarantee policies reflect their confidence in their plants’ quality. Familiarize yourself with these policies.
  • Range of Varieties: A diverse selection of grafted plants indicates the nursery’s commitment to offering options that suit your preferences.
  • After-Sale Support: A nursery that supports customers even after the sale shows dedication to their plants’ success in your garden.

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Mango Tree

Benefits of Using Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries in Karnataka 

  1. Superior Yield: Grafted plants combine the best traits for maximum fruit production, giving you more delicious harvests.
  2. Disease Resistance: Grafting imparts natural immunity, safeguarding plants against common diseases and infections.
  3. Climate Adaptability: Nurseries offer grafted varieties tailored to Karnataka’s diverse climates, ensuring better survival and growth.
  4. Faster Fruit: Grafted plants grow quicker, meaning you’ll savor those juicy bites sooner than with regular seedlings.
  5. Space Savers: Compact grafted trees fit well in small gardens or pots, making urban fruit farming a breeze.
  6. Eco-Friendly: By using disease-resistant rootstocks, nurseries reduce the need for chemical treatments, promoting environmentally-friendly practices.
  7. Unleash Creativity: Nurseries provide novel combinations like apple-peach trees, allowing you to experiment with unique flavors.
  8. Expert Guidance: Grafting experts guide you in selecting the right plants and offer valuable tips for nurturing them.
  9. Longevity: Rootstocks increase plants’ lifespan, giving you years of abundant harvests.

Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners for Selecting Best Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries in Karnataka 

  • Research and Planning: Research reputable nurseries online or through local gardening communities. Identify your preferred fruit varieties and consider your garden’s climate and space limitations. Plan where you’ll plant the grafted trees to optimize sunlight, water access, and growth.
  • Variety Selection: Choose grafted fruit varieties that align with your preferences and local climate. Look for disease-resistant rootstocks to ensure healthier plants. Seek nurseries offering diverse fruit options suited for Karnataka’s conditions.
  • Quality Assessment: Prioritize nurseries known for high-quality saplings and reliable grafting techniques. Examine the plants’ health, checking for well-developed root systems and disease-free leaves.
  • Expert Consultation: Engage with nursery staff to understand their expertise and seek recommendations. Ask questions about care, suitable rootstocks, and potential challenges.
  • Post-Purchase Management: After purchase, provide adequate water, sunlight, and soil nutrients to ensure healthy growth. Monitor the plants signs of pest attack or disease, and take prompt action if needed.
  • Planting Process: Choose an appropriate spot with good drainage and adequate sunlight. Prepare the soil by mixing compost and organic matter. Dig a hole and slightly larger than the plant’s root ball, ensuring the graft union is above the soil level.
  • Grafting Care: Protect the graft union from direct sunlight, which can cause scalding. Monitor and prune any growth emerging below the graft union to preserve the grafted variety.
  • Regular Maintenance: Water the plants regularly, adjusting the frequency based on weather conditions. Apply organic fertilizer during the growing season to promote healthy growth and fruiting.
  • Pest and Disease Management: Implement preventive measures such as regular inspection and maintaining a clean garden. Use natural remedies or organic solutions to manage pests and diseases.

6 Best Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries in Karnataka

M.Devappa Nursery

M.Devappa Nursery Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, M.Devappa Nursery stands as a distinguished pioneer in horticulture. With a history dating back to its establishment, this nursery has earned a reputation as one of the region’s oldest and most respected plant nurseries. M.Devappa Nursery takes pride in its diverse grafted plant varieties. From fruitful delights to ornamental wonders, they offer various choices.

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Macadamia nuts seedlings with green leaf

Expect to find a remarkable selection of grafted fruit plants that include hybrid mangoes, citrus fruits, and other delectable offerings. Their expertise in grafting techniques ensures that each plant boasts the potential for high yields and exceptional quality. Grafted plants result from the skillful merging of different plant parts, unlocking a harmonious blend of strengths to yield superior fruit. Grafted fruit plants available are:

  • Mango: With 12 captivating varieties, grafted mangoes promise various tastes and sizes. Each mango variety carries its distinct character, from the sweet Alphonso to the tangy Totapuri.
  • Guava: Grafted guava plants offer a bouquet of choices, presenting various flavors and colors. Enjoy the luscious sweetness of tropical guavas in diverse varieties.
  • Lemon and Lime: Grafted lemon and lime trees bear a zestful combination. Be it for culinary delights or refreshing beverages. These trees deliver a citrusy symphony.
  • Pomegranate: The grafted pomegranate collection brings a tapestry of shades and sweetness levels. Each variety showcases a different balance of sweet and tangy notes.
  • Papaya: Varieties of grafted papaya plants cater to diverse preferences. Experience the convenience of homegrown papayas in your garden.
  • Custard Apple: Known as Seethaphal, grafted custard apple trees blend creamy indulgence with efficient cultivation.
  • Avocado: The buttery richness of grafted avocado trees introduces an exotic touch to your garden, yielding the famed superfood.
  • Jackfruit: Grafted jackfruit trees offer delectable fruit without the gum, making it an appealing choice for enthusiasts.
  • Starfruit: The grafted starfruit tree, Komrack, produces vibrant, star-shaped delights perfect for garnishes and snacks.
  • Tamarind: Grafted tamarind trees yield abundant pods, making them a versatile ingredient for various culinary delights.

Address: Lalbagh Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560027

While specific price ranges may vary based on the rarity and size of the plants, M.Devappa Nursery is known for its commitment to offering the best competitive prices without compromising on the quality of its grafted plants.

Krishnendra Nursery

Krishnendra Nursery, an establishment with a legacy of over four decades, is a testament to horticultural expertise. Established in 1982 on a property inherited from Munivenkatappa’s nursery business, Krishnendra Nursery has grown into a leading horticultural venture in India. Initially a family enterprise, it spans 20 hectares today, cultivating young and value-added plants for export.

These quality plants cater to resellers, landscapers, corporate offices, and more. Diversifying its offerings, Krishnendra Nursery has delved into biotechnology, producing tissue culture plants through Krishnendra Biotech. Noteworthy is their contribution to horticulture education – a contest was organized, challenging participants to identify 150 plant varieties from a staggering collection of 15,000. The initiative was a milestone, attracting budding botanists from Bangalore’s colleges. 

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Best Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries in Karnataka

At Krishnendra Nursery, the spectrum of available fruit plants is a delight for any gardening enthusiast. From the beloved Mango to the exotic Avocado, their collection encompasses a diverse selection that caters to varied tastes and preferences. With a dedication to quality, each grafted fruit plant is a promise of bountiful harvests and delightful flavors.

Address and Reach: Jayanagar, Lalbagh Siddapur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011. Krishnendra Nursery is strategically placed for easy accessibility.

Hithkari Nursery

The nursery boasts an extensive collection of branded fruit varieties, including Jackfruits like Byrachandra and Lalbagh Madhura, Avocado varieties such as Florida gold, Bangalore Grand, and Hass, Jamun like Patel Jumbo, seedless Guava, multiple Mango and Sapota varieties, and a rich spectrum of other fruits.

This assortment is tailored to cater to various preferences and garden spaces. Hithkari Nursery’s commitment to quality is recognized by the National Horticultural Board, earning them the accreditation as a star nursery. Since 2013, they have produced top-notch planting material for various horticultural crops, ensuring excellence at every step. The nursery’s dedication is evident in its meticulously maintained mother plant orchard, housing 150 elite mother plants.

These plants serve as sources for scions used in grafting, budding, and other vegetative propagation methods, ensuring the quality of the grafted plants. A distinctive feature of Hithkari Nursery is its commitment to organic practices. This dedication translates into the organic cultivation and maintenance of their diverse range of fruit plants, ensuring quality and environmental sustainability.

Mahadeshwara Agro Nursery Garden

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Mysore, Karnataka, Mahadeshwara Agro Nursery Garden is synonymous with quality nursery plants. Guided by the leadership of Mr. Mahadeva Swamy (CEO), the nursery has earned a reputation for supplying premium planting materials. The nursery boasts an impressive portfolio encompassing an array of fruit plants such as litchi, jamun, dragon fruit, star fruit, midi mango, custard apple, Herman 99 apple, hybrid and natural Avocado, red lady papaya, L49 guava, natural Guava, Allahabad Safeda guava, Taiwan green guava, and Taiwan pink guava.

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Coconut sprouts

This assortment caters to various gardening preferences and spaces, facilitating domestic and commercial cultivation. Mahadeshwara Agro Nursery Garden takes pride in cultivating its nursery plants naturally, eschewing the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. This commitment to organic growth ensures the production of healthier and more robust plants, aligning with modern eco-friendly gardening practices.

The nursery’s rich offering reflects its expertise in different plant types. Each plant is nurtured from naturally grown to hybrid varieties to achieve optimum growth and yield. The nursery’s knowledge and passion for plants shine through its meticulous cultivation methods. Mahadeshwara Agro Nursery Garden’s commitment to providing premium plants at reasonable prices makes it a favorite among clients. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and affordability embodies their role as a leading player in the nursery industry.

Swamy Nursery & Florist

Swamy Nursery & Florist is a renowned name, nurturing a legacy of floral brilliance. With a rich history in Bangalore, this nursery is a beacon of horticultural expertise. Their offerings span an array of plants, from ornamental wonders to fruit-bearing treasures. They provide a diverse selection of plants, catering to indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts.

Additionally, their expertise extends to landscaping services, creating picturesque gardens that transform spaces into natural havens. With a commitment to quality, Swamy Nursery & Florist embodies a passion for fostering the beauty of nature in every corner of your surroundings.

The Green Yard: Garden Supplies

The Green Yard is a haven for garden enthusiasts, offering various garden supplies and services. Focusing on quality and excellence, they provide various plants, gardening tools, and accessories to cater to all your gardening needs. Their selection is diverse and meticulously curated, from vibrant flowering plants to lush green foliage.

The Green Yard offers a diverse range of grafted fruit trees, each meticulously crafted to ensure optimal yield and flavor. From beloved Alphonso and vibrant Kesar mangoes to tangy citrus trees and luscious guava varieties, their collection includes grafted apple, fig, Avocado, papaya, pomegranate, jackfruit, and cherry trees. With various flavors and tastes, these trees promise a delightful garden filled with exquisite fruits. Their services encompass expert advice on plant care, landscaping solutions, and personalized garden design.

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Sprout of coconut tree


In the verdant landscape of Karnataka, these six esteemed nurseries stand as beacons of horticultural excellence. Offering an array of meticulously grafted fruit plants, they empower enthusiasts with a diverse selection of hybrid and high-yield varieties, nurturing gardens with nature’s finest bounties.



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